A digital dive into the heart of our network

On 02-01-2024
Reading time : 5 minutes

As a project manager at Orange Wholesale in the Digital Customer Experience department, Audrey Köroglu’s responsibilities include the development of our interactive network map. She speaks on the challenges delivering the map as we aim to give our customers a clear and instant overview of our networks and the associated solutions. 

Why is it so important to offer our customers an interactive network map ?

The surveys we conduct every year highlight a need to simplify the customer journey. Providing better access to our network infrastructure through a map is one of the cornerstones of this approach. For example, if you are interested in our IP Transit, IPL, IPX, Voice Hubbing or Call Collect Numbers solutions, you can easily check if the service is available in your area of interest or along your route, including cables and PoPs. 

How does it work ?

This map is designed to give you an instant overview of the networks and options we offer worldwide: submarine cables, terrestrial fiber optic connections and different types of PoPs. Thanks to a new selection system, all you have to do is select your offer and a map showing the available assets and infrastructure is automatically generated with a single click. 

What does it show ? 

Given the extensive coverage of our infrastructure, with a large presence across multiple points of connectivity (cable, landing station, PoP), we needed to offer something intuitive. This tool aspires to be a real game changer. The secret of its success lies in the fact that it allows us to hide the density of our infrastructures behind the simplest possible interface 

How is this map constantly evolving ?

With the arrival of satellite constellations and new submarine and terrestrial networks, our map will continue to evolve. Therefore we have now full control over what we display, so we can integrate novelties very quickly, making the map as accurate as possible.  

In addition to prioritizing digitalization as one of Orange Wholesale's primary objectives, our focus lies in empowering our customers with personalized, real-time information. Furthermore, we have an array of additional functionalities in store, which will be introduced gradually. 

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