Lao Telecom recognizes the value of our A2P SMS hub to strengthen its presence internationally

On 04-07-2022
Reading time : 2 minutes

Lao Telecom, more commonly known as LaoTel, is a Telecom operator owned by both the Laotian government and Shenington Investments. They provide telecom services across the country and internationally, primarily on mobile, fixed broadband, internet services, and international roaming.

Increasing their business reach and delivering quality service

Khaeher Yerliaxer, LaoTel’s International Business Manager confides that Orange International Carrier’s A2P SMS reliable solution has brought their business to new heights. He mentions, “Orange is a company I’ve had the experience to work with before and their professionalism and quality of service as an SS7 and IPX provider was very remarkable hence why, when the opportunity to work with them in providing an SMS hub came into play, I knew they were the right provider to approach.”

He additionally commends the quality of service delivered and the wide network reach Orange has. Khaeher adds, “The reach of Orange Wholesale International in Europe and moreover globally, strengthens the value of their A2P SMS solution. The big hub that they have helps our business develop through quick access worldwide. Additionally, there are no grey routes, thus delivering quality service to our customers.” 

Business and technical support that makes a difference

Khaeher lauds the reactivity of the account manager he works closely with. “Orange’s support is 24/7. They have great business and technical support and I believe that’s what sets them apart from other providers.”


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