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Matching Orange A2P SMS with your business needs

On 13-04-2022
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Helping multinationals, aggregators and hub carriers reach our 900+ destinations with our A2P SMS Partner offer 

We support our Partners - multinationals, aggregators and hub carriers - around the world, helping them with fast and easy deployment. We allow them to send SMS to the entire Orange footprint taking advantage of a truly global connectivity with 100+ direct routes and 40 secured destinations. We also have a strong presence in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with a specific focus on France. And of course, prices are updated on a weekly basis to avoid issues and to fit as close as possible with market trends. More than 120 partners already trust us!

Securing MNOs' business by monetizing SMS A2P traffic with our A2P SMS MNO offer 

If you are an MNO, we propose an innovative anti-fraud filter directly implemented in our A2P platform in order to clean all our traffic sent to you. In addition, we can help you secure your business with our SMS Protect Firewall by preventing SMS fraud, including bypass fraud, on your network. Orange Wholesale International can manage the whole service if needed. 

Trust is key when it comes to successful business

By interacting with you on a day-to-day basis, we perfectly understand your needs and we adapt our offers to fit your specific requirements. Mutual trust is key when it comes to successful business. 


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