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Orange Wholesale sparking connection around the world

On 03-06-2024
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At the heart of Orange Wholesale lies connections, both technical and personal. Meeting us at regional and global events offers the perfect opportunity to experience our top-quality services, connect with familiar faces and forge new business relationships.

A perfect business relationship requires more than emails and phone calls, especially when it comes to global business. That’s why Orange Wholesale takes part in major industry events, from Dubai to London, from Singapore to Washington, in order to meet you in all corners of the globe.

Building face to face valuable connections

This is the perfect opportunity to meet formally and informally to build trust, transparency and credibility but also to lay the foundation for enduring business relationships. For Erik Sherman, Sales Manager at Orange Wholesale International, the value of face-to-face meetings is essential. “It is more than just being a salesperson. As so many people are wrapped up in emailing, it is essential to build a rapport with all our partners to form long-lasting relationships”.

A space to provide personalized solutions

These meetings help provide a personalized touch and enhance the level of service we provide, from IP transit, Voice, Roaming and Messaging to name few. As expressed by Florentina Prida, Senior Account Manager at Orange Wholesale International, “continuous contact can be maintained digitally but attending events allows us to personally connect and offer tailored solutions”. The importance of face-to-face meetings is an opportunity to listen, collaborate on challenges, collectively provide solutions and bespoke services in anticipation of the evolving industry.

Learn about our unique market insight

In addition to forming connections, conferences serve as a space for learning and collaboration. In the dynamic industry of telecoms, the sharing of ideas has always been paramount and a good way to improve business. We pride ourselves in being closer to you to provide regional market expertise, industry insights and analysis of emerging trends, ensuring you get the best support and information tailored to your needs.

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