Moving on Up

On 02-06-2023
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Whether related to mobile services or data transportation, Orange Wholesale International’ latest innovations are a testimony of our commitment to keep moving on up with you.

A fascinating aspect of telecommunications is that the very concept of mobility is always moving. As a global connectivity wholesaler, Orange Wholesale International is constantly challenged to innovate and imagine new mobility use cases and solutions to help operators and their customers move on up.
Recently, we’ve been delivering these innovations on two fronts: mobile services and data transportation.

Delivering on the promises of 5G

If we ask what the latest big innovation in mobility is, 5G will likely be mentioned. But there’s 5G and 5G. We are fully committed to bringing the latest 5G enhancements to all operators worldwide, MNOs or MVNOs to address their digital transformation. We actively take part in several proofs of concept, related to Open RAN, 5G NSA or 5G SA, bringing enhanced mobile broadband, ultra reliable low-latency communications or massive machine type communications. One asset we’re especially proud of is 5G Core Network as a Service, offering a cloud-ready core network to which users can directly connect their devices - the possibilities are limitless. On the mobile services front, we continue to invest in our one-stop-shop for roaming. Our traveler roaming sponsor and Open Roaming Hub solutions are now complemented by roaming-to-IoT connectivity. Taking advantage of permanent roaming capability and local breakout for 5G, any connected device use case can be imagined, virtually anywhere in the world – with many already embraced by some of our customers, in the field of automotive or customer electronics.

But true mobility is not only about having access to mind-blowing volumes of data from the palm of your hand. Mobility is also about being able to set up your office anywhere, connect databases with corporate facilities, and securely move content over ultra-fast, reliable and secure connections. For the “remote” side of mobility, secure and quick data transportation is the key.

Scalable data transportation through our expanding global networks

Our Content Delivery Boost CDN solution offers high capacity, fast loading times, optimal video streaming quality, scalability and airtight security thanks to end-to-end control over our networks. We’re bringing even more flexibility to move content right to the user’s homes through the development of our global network of 200 CDN PoPs.
Indeed, Content Delivery Boost is just one example of how mobility is made possible by transporting ever larger amounts of data, always faster and more securely. Which is why we keep enhancing our global networks, like the Dunant and AMITIE transatlantic cables. These two complementary routes are designed with scalability and upgrade potential in mind to support new usages, tailor-made voice offers and data service growth.

We keep unrolling such connectivity highways, but we also do more: we build interchanges. Our Marseille hub is the perfect example of our capacity to set up true digital gateways for global exchanges, as it connects over 20 subsea and terrestrial cables linking Asia, the Middle East and Africa to Europe, and on to America with the Dunant and AMITIE connection. In Marseille, all data centers and landing stations are themselves connected to each other by our ultra-low latency fiber city ring, just a stone’s throw away from the home harbor of the Orange Marine fleet of cable ships.

Transformation is motion

Finally, it’s no stretch of the mind to relate mobility with customer journey. Among our constant efforts to make life and usages easier, we now offer EVPL online to enable real-time purchase and delivery. We also offer a ticketing API and API integration for completely transparent, end-to-end digitalized service.

At the end of the day, it must be because we have a clear understanding of these challenges and possibilities offered by mobility that such respected industry analysts as GlobalData’s now rank Orange Wholesale International as a “leader” in terms of vision and strategy.
As mobility keeps reinventing our lives and redefining itself, our customers can be sure of one thing: today and tomorrow, we’ll keep moving on up – at your side.

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