National Telecom Thailand extends its network and continues to strengthen its presence thanks to Orange International Carrier’s IPL solution

On 21-07-2022
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National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT) is a state-owned telecommunications company in Thailand which merged two incumbent telecom groups – Telecom of Thailand (TOT) and CAT Telecom in 2021. They cater to both the B2B and B2C markets. The company’s main lines of business are mobile telephony, fixed broadband, digital infrastructures & service, and international internet gateways such as satellite and submarine cables network connections. NT is also a leading data center and cloud service provider having more than 10 data centers located across Thailand.

Multiple backhauls in Singapore and Marseille

To establish links between their core network and backbone network, NT subscribed to the submarine data capacity via  SEA-ME-WE 4 with multiple backhauls in Singapore and Marseille from Orange Wholesale International. According to Ubonpan Chuenchom, Vice President for Carrier Business Services of NT Thailand: “Orange Wholesale International is the major incumbent in the Europe region and this partnership allowed us to establish the best connectivity and have an expanded worldwide coverage.”

The perfect combination of cost-effectiveness and quality of service

When it came to cost effectiveness, Ubonpan adds that Orange provided the most cost-effective model for the level of quality of service delivered: “If you cannot compete with the pricing of the market and develop a cost-effective model, it’s very hard to survive in the market. Orange gets a 10 out of 10 score feedback from us. The support, flexibility, and the understanding from the commercial team is something we appreciate the most. Plus, their provisioning and aftersales team are very easy to contact and so far, we have not faced any degradation in the quality of service.”

A beneficial partnership in a competitive bandwidth market

Providing capacity has become challenging throughout the years with Over the top (OTT) business customers, who are one of the biggest bandwidth consumers, becoming more and more independent in the market. NT and other service providers face this challenge hence migrating to digital solutions becomes more prevalent. Ubonpan mentions: “Cloud service providers are the strongest competition in this business, but there is still room to provide services, such as consulting, and as I see it, NT and Orange can work together wisely to still provide end-customers solution in the digital service”. 

Ubonpan concludes: “We appreciate the immense support from Orange Wholesale International especially during hard times where they show dedication and responsibility. They think of us as a partner rather than a customer.”


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