Orange Wholesale International awarded as the Best innovative solution for Roaming!

On 02-03-2022
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Our Roaming Big Data services have been awarded during the 17th Annual MEFFYS ceremony, on February 28, in Barcelona. Winner in the “Global connectivity” category, Orange Wholesale International has been recognized by the jury as the Best innovative solution allowing mobile operators to reinvent their business model and optimize their roaming revenues. They also benefit from a 360° overview of outbound and inbound roaming in order to implement an innovative and successful global roaming business strategy. Crucial KPIs covering permanent roaming, silent roamers, big consumers, M2M traffic… are delivered. All this in a flexible and user-friendly way. So, by better understanding their roamers' behavior, our customers can better negotiate their own wholesale agreements. They can then adapt their existing retail plans to increase their customers' use of roaming data or identify specific roamer behaviors.

Commenting this success, Vicent Campos Biosca, Roaming Big Data product manager, states that “with Roaming Big Data services, Orange Wholesale International goes beyond connectivity by offering our customers a real marketing tool for their business. As well, these services identify specific roamers behaviors or devices for profiling purpose and detect network malfunctions to reduce revenue loss”.

Big data can retrieve lost revenues

This year, there were seven categories to enter, each giving recognition to innovations in a different part of the mobile ecosystem. The MEFFYS celebrate innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the Mobile Ecosystem, applauding the companies that have made a difference in 2021 across MEFs core ecosystems.   

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