Orange Wholesale International connects V-CON around the world with its Hubbing solution

On 02-02-2022
Reading time : 2 minutes

V-CON Carrier Services, an Indian company with more than 15 years of expertise in voice and SMS services, serves the needs of enterprises mostly in India but also in Europe, the Middle east, and other countries in Asia. V-CON has been a customer of Orange Wholesale International’ Hubbing solution for the past 5 years.

Orange Wholesale International’ Hubbing Essential solution provides the company with direct quality routes in in a very large number of countries worldwide. Sanjeev Sharma, Head of Wholesale Voice, states: “We chose to work with Wholesale International because of the company’s leading position globally. We value Orange’s extensive voice coverage which is a key element for our company in strengthening our presence globally.” The possibility to benefit from many direct routes, thus providing the best voice quality to V-CON’s demanding B2B customers, also tipped the scales in favor of Orange’s wholesale voice solution.

As far as working with Orange is concerned, Sharma concludes that his experience has been nothing but positive throughout. He comments: “Whether it may concern customer relations, account management, or Orange’s overall level of service, we are totally satisfied with how they are handled. This gives us motivation to increase our business with Orange in the coming years.”