Orange Wholesale International is on YouTube - check it out!

On 03-10-2022
Reading time : 4 minutes

Being on YouTube for the sake of connecting with viewers is a fine start. But we like to do things right. Olivia Gelican, in charge of social networks at Orange Wholesale International tells you what to expect from this new opportunity.

Exclusive YouTube contents dedicated to our customers and partners

The YouTube channel we cooked for you relies on a distinct editorial strategy, integrating panels, keynote sessions and presentations by our experts on the products and services we are launching or improving. Not to mention more strategic interventions on the wholesale market and its future. 

For example, we have been asked many times: “how to watch a Keynote panel or an address we could not attend live?” Our YouTube channel is now the answer. But that’s not all. What about our users who would appreciate video tutorials on how to unleash the full potential of our services? Or those who want to know more about our solutions but prefer comprehensive video? We got you covered, with exclusive content developed and published on a weekly basis.

So check out Orange Wholesale International’ YouTube channel now, and give it a like and subscription if you find it informative! 

"This synergy between our website, social networks and our new YouTube platform allows us to provide our customers and partners with novelties about our solutions, expert insights and user tutorials. With this move, we also expect to address potential followers where other social networks are not used, or scarcely, but where YouTube enjoys a strong audience ” explains Olivia Gelican, in charge of social networks at Orange Wholesale International,

At Orange Wholesale International, we’ve always been connecting with the World. But what’s even more important is to connect with you. And as our customers and partners are on YouTube, we just had to be there too.


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