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Matching telecom operators' business expectations with the Orange Value Offer

On 13-04-2022
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Jean-Bernard Willem
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development,
Orange Wholesale International 

How does the new Orange Value Offer enhance telecom operators' customer experience? 

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we completely restructured and simplified our portfolio of solutions so that it reflects the specific requirements of each customer segment we address. Our objective was also to transform our offers so that they could be easily promoted using our digital platform, while providing stable pricing and a single interface. This evolution embraces our overall portfolio of services such as voice, roaming and messaging (A2P), as well as IP Transit, IPL, EVPL and CDN.

Our offers are now arranged into 3 distinct levels: Essential, which is the best of Orange at the best price. Dynamic, which offers our customers high quality services and support. Finally, the third level called Intense, which is dedicated to customers who require ‘la crème de la crème’ in a single package, reinforced by our highest level of security. Whether to address Phishing, SIMbox and fraud, or to benefit from our advanced firewall and DDoS management solutions.

This customer-centric portfolio evolution was really well received by our customers and prospects, and is a game changer in today’s wholesale business.

What innovations are you planning in order to better match your customers’ expectations? 

Alongside this, we developed a better understanding of our customers’ lifetime value. This brought to light the huge growth potential of better addressing their multiple requirements. We are therefore in the midst of creating a customer data factory which will put us in a position to anticipate and proactively address their needs.

Through this, we found that there is a growing demand for the creation of tailored multi-service packages. For example, content providers require both connectivity and SMS services, while some mobile operators are looking to outsource their voice, roaming and SMS business.

Consequently, last year we launched two special offers. The first one is a voice and roaming package dedicated to smaller African mobile operators. The objective here is to help them address the specific pre-requisites of the Smart Africa regulation. 

The second package is a 360° Check-Up for security. This enables operators to audit their Voice, SMS and security risks at a very competitive price. The result aims at providing a consolidated report, highlighting the identified weaknesses and giving a full set of associated recommendations to better address these risks and optimize revenue.

How is Orange connecting with future requirements in a changing business environment for telecom operators, content providers, pure wholesalers, MNOs, MVNOs or ISPs?

Going forward, we aim to continually readjust our Orange Value Offer to ensure a smooth customer management lifecycle. We constantly tweak and enrich our business proposal by adding new features or removing the ones that are no longer valuable. For example, in order to reflect our customers’ changing reality, we recently included new security solutions, as well as different pricing structures.

We will also work on building solutions for specific customer segments relying on our current portfolio, which makes it much easier, faster and cost efficient. We can then create tailor-made offerings using different blocks of features or solutions. Last but not least, we will continue to develop our multi-service packages to address specific use cases.

Finally, we know that a growing number of operators are looking to outsource their international voice, roaming and messaging activities, so they can focus on their core business. In this matter, Orange is one of the few trusted global players who can deliver the best user experience by guaranteeing network security and resilience. 

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