Orange Wholesale International Profiles: Anne Morel

On 13-04-2022
Reading time : 2 minutes

SVP Global Carrier Sales at Orange Wholesale International, to break down barriers across the business

As SVP Global Carrier Sales, Anne oversees the global sales strategy and business development of wholesale telecom services. Anne is leading her team to continue developing Orange Wholesale International’ business beyond market growth, adding a hundred new accounts in Data, Mobile and Security solutions, and further strengthening Orange’s positioning on CDN. The team also signed very bold deals on outsourcing and new submarine cables. This past year, Anne grew the team further, adding new talents and opening new offices in Latin America, Asia and Africa. 

Since joining Orange Wholesale International, Anne has actively contributed to its growth and transformation into one of the industry’s world leaders. Bringing and keeping the right set of skills in her team to deliver on promises to customers around the world is also one of Anne’s key goals and achievements. 

What inspires her every morning? “The innovation of our industry, the strength and quality of our partnerships with customers worldwide and being part of an incredibly creative and culturally diverse team”.

Orange Diversity and Inclusion ambassador, to encourage diversity in all its forms 

Anne is concurrently a Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador for Orange Wholesale International, encouraging diversity in all its forms. “Diversity – whether it is gender balance or another type of diversity in the workplace – is critical to the success and the profitability of companies. This leads to different ways of thinking, better problem solving and also better talent recruitment and retention”, she commented.

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