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On 13-04-2022
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Orange Wholesale International has been rated Very Strong by GlobalData in its latest company assessment published on July 12, 2022. The report confirms that we offer our customers strong and expanding network capabilities, backed by an innovative and bespoke product set including security and antifraud, cloud and 5G. The report assesses “Orange Wholesale International is one of the leaders in wholesale voice in terms of revenue” adding that “despite tough market conditions in recovering from COVID-19, Orange IC had € 1.05 billion revenues in 2021”. 

This semester, more particularly, GlobalData insists on the fact that “Orange IC is backed by considerable research and development (R&D) establishments, comprising 5.000 researchers and 12 labs on four continents.

On vision/strategy, Momentum/stability, Go-to-Market and Service & Support, Orange Wholesale International is rated as Very Strong.

Orange Wholesale International continues to focus on its network, differentiating through 5G, security and the customer experience to stand out in wholesale. GlobalData   

GlobalData provides data, an expert vision and innovative solutions to the world's largest industries. The Company Assessment report is a detailed analysis of individual companies in the wholesale space. It includes an analysis of the company, breaking down and scoring its offering based on six main areas. As part of this report, GlobalData includes some analysis of any challenges or threats the company may be facing, as well as recommendations.  


Global Data's assessment of Orange Wholesale International
Detailed assessment of Orange Wholesale International by Global Data


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