Orange once again winner at the 2022 GCCM Awards!

On 24-06-2022
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Orange Wholesale International has been awarded 4 times at the CC Global Awards 2022 as Best Global Network, Best Innovative Mobility Provider. Besides, Emmanuel Rochas and Anne Morel have been recognized respectively as the best CEO of the year and Telecommunication Woman of the Year during the 6th annual Carrier Community Global Awards prestigious ceremony on June 23th, in Berlin.
The CC Global Awards is an annual event held to honor the work done in the telecommunications industry and is also a forum for discussions.

With these Awards, Orange is recognized for its overall innovative and visionary approach to carrier industry activities, including digital transformation, innovative mobility services, optimized security for all users and the great strides that have been made in terms of connectivity thanks to our global network. These achievements are recognized by a panel of independent telecom analysts and experts from the industry.

This year, the awards have been accepted in Berlin by Orange Wholesale International CEO Emmanuel Rochas. Commenting on this success, he stressed that these rewards “are the result of our lasting efforts to bring to our customers and the market an extensive connectivity, high-level security and digital innovation”, before adding that “for sure, we are grateful that the judges have acknowledged our experience and proficiency in the industry. It is further proof that we are a trustworthy, dynamic and flexible wholesale player, entirely dedicated to our customers and to the future of the industry. At Orange, we are proud to be a reliable and trusted partner”.  

. Best Global Network       
. Best Innovative Mobility Provider
. Emmanuel Rochas is recognized as the best CEO of the year
. Anne Morel is crowned as Telecommunication Woman of the Year


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To address the strong growth in international telecommunication traffic and in a highly competitive market, Orange is maintaining its level of investment in submarine cables and is continuing to develop its network in order to meet the needs of its customers. As a major player in international “information highways”, our global network footprint now connects more than 450 Points of Presence with continuous development growth in 2021. We also provide an extensive and unique network of 450,000 kilometers of submarine cables operated directly or in partnership through our involvement in more than 40 consortiums covering various routes: North Atlantic, Caribbean, Europe-Asia, Europe-Africa. Since early 2021, we have put in service, extended, or announced 7 new generation submarine cables: Dunant led by Google, AMITIE, SEA-ME-WE-5, SEA-ME-WE-6, PEACE, ACE and 2 AFRICA. And of course, more projects are under construction for this year. 


The services we provide rely on our broad expertise in terms of innovation, Business Intelligence, Big Data technology and analysis. We also take advantage of our unique footprint made up of 26 retail operations to test and build, using a design thinking methodology. This is the perfect way to understand and meet their expectations. By better understanding roamers' behavior, our customers can better negotiate their own wholesale agreements. They can then adapt their existing retail plans to increase their customers' use of roaming data or identify specific roamer behaviors. We are also planning to include machine learning algorithms to detect M2M traffic

Since assuming his position as CEO of Orange Wholesale International in 2019, Emmanuel Rochas has capitalized on his extensive experience to improve a world-class wholesale portfolio of services generating more than €1 billion revenues in 2021. As Orange’s prominent figurehead, Emmanuel must take credit for implementing a growth strategy relying on strong foundations layers. This overhaul has been accompanied by the development of new processes and enablers such as the digitization and automation of sales & delivery back-office processes. Putting the customer at the center of the company's concerns is his priority.

As SVP Global Carrier Sales, Anne oversees the global sales strategy and business development of wholesale services for Voice, Data, Mobile and Security. In 2021, Anne successfully led her team to continue developing Orange Wholesale International’ business beyond market growth, adding a hundred new accounts in Data, Mobile and Security solutions, and further strengthening Orange’s positioning on CDN. The team also signed very bold deals on outsourcing and new submarine cables. This past year, Anne grew the team further, adding new talents and opening new offices in Latin America, Asia and Africa. 

An international player with a strong leadership

As an international full-service supplier with solutions for operators, MNOs, MVNO, ISPs, Content Providers and Wholesalers, our customers enjoy an autonomous and secure digital experience. We deliver a fully tailored response with a comprehensive portfolio of flexible and innovative solutions. We take an individualized approach to fulfil Roaming, Messaging, Voice, Bandwidth, IP, Security & Anti-Fraud service requirements. With 26 retail operations and 271 million B2C, B2B and Wholesale customers, we are also at the heart of the wholesale voice value proposal, with 32 billion voice minutes carried globally in 2021. 

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