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Orange provides an ambitious 5G SA value proposition

On 30-05-2023
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At Orange Wholesale International, we offer a set of four solutions to help our customers with their transformation: 5G SA Roaming Signaling, Open Roaming Hub (to extend roaming coverage and manage security certificates and partnerships) and IPX Regional Breakout (designed to locally manage the termination of international data roaming and ensure low latency). Of particular note is the fourth solution which delivers significant value to our customers: Core Network as a Service (CNaaS). It provides a cloud-based and secure solution to accelerate the rapid transition to 5G SA and realize the full potential of 5G. For Hicham Maimoune, 5G Solutions Product Manager at Orange Wholesale International, “we have roaming contracts with many partners. Some of them are already transforming their mobile ecosystem, and we need to simplify and digitalize their customer journey.”

A cloud-ready core network supported by a wide range of solutions 

Thanks to 5G SA technology, Orange Wholesale International can deliver tailored solutions and is characterized by the concept of “slicing” with an outstanding adaptability to operators’ needs. 
In short, its implementation consists of sharing the same 5G Standalone physical network and splitting it into several virtual networks for specific uses. For Cédric Gonin, VP Global Business Support at Orange Wholesale International, “the value proposition of our CNaaS is at the heart of operators' 5G promise.We can offer our partners a cloud-ready and secure core network that allows them to unlock slicing capabilities and very low latency.” 

Security as a powerful driver

At a time when communication and data protection are major concerns, controls include new mutual authentication capabilities, enhanced subscriber identity protection, and additional security mechanisms. 5G offers the mobile industry an unprecedented opportunity to improve network and service security. The 5G Standalone adventure is just beginning and will take us on unexpected paths.


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