Orange Wholesale International wins 4 awards in Berlin

On 28-06-2023
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Orange Wholesale International has been honored with multiple prestigious awards at the CC-Global Awards 2023 ceremony on June 27th, in Berlin. This annual event is held to honor the work done in the telecommunications industry and is also a forum for discussions.

With these awards, Orange Wholesale International is recognized for its overall innovative and visionary approach to carrier industry activities, including digital transformation, innovative mobility services, optimized security for all users and the great strides that have been made in terms of connectivity thanks to our global network. These achievements are recognized by a panel of independent telecom analysts and experts from the industry.

This year, the awards have been accepted in Berlin by Emmanuel Rochas, Orange Wholesale International CEO. Commenting on this success, he stressed that these rewards “are the result of our lasting efforts to bring to our customers and the market an extensive connectivity, high-level security and innovation”, before adding that “we are grateful that the judges have acknowledged our experience and expertise in the industry. It is further proof that we are a trustworthy wholesale player, entirely dedicated to our customers and to the future of the industry”.  

  • Best Global Network
  • Best Global Operator
  • Best Voice-Data Service Innovation
  • Best MVNO solution provider

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Category: Best Global Network

Orange Wholesale International, a global network leader

In order to bring it customers worldwide an ever more global portfolio of connectivity solutions, Orange Wholesale International keeps investing to improve its networks under the seas, on the land and in space. This means expanding the reach of these networks on all continents, but also enhancing their capacity and capabilities to stay ahead of the innovation curve, integrating multi-connectivity, delivering on the promises of 5G, and introducing a completely softwarized customer experience as we’re pushing forward Network-as-a-Service. 

Besides, Orange is involved in no less than 40 subsea cables covering 450,000km of distance to connect all continents – that’s 35% of the world’s total.  Since 2002, we planned, announced, commercialized or commissioned 8 new submarine cables. This 450,000km-long submarine network is complemented by our 45,000km terrestrial cable system, to connect key data centers and routes to Europe, Africa, Asia and America. 

In space, we bring the unconnected the benefits of over 2,500 satellite antennas, 30 ground stations including our Bercenay teleport which received the highest level of certification awarded by the WTA. In addition to our GEO and MEO orbital fleets, we also bring our customers a new distribution partnership with OneWeb and its constellation of over 600 LEO satellites.

Category: Best Global Operator

Orange Wholesale International, lead to inspire

As the wholesale industry is faced with growing challenges, Orange Wholesale International’ expertise and commitment to improve global connectivity have never been so relevant. In 2022, this dedication to telecommunications and our customers led us to Build the futures with our continuing investment in new cables and connectivity options globally, in order to expand the reach and capabilities of our networks. 

Meanwhile we disrupted the market by developing innovative new services anticipating tomorrow’s customer needs, alone or as part of ambitious industry collaboration initiatives. As well, we added new cybersecurity resources and antifraud solutions to secure the new possibilities brought by these innovations. For achieving strong economic successes and growing customer satisfaction we kept developing these new infrastructure and services, for the benefit of operators and wholesalers worldwide.

Category: Best Voice-Data Service Innovation

Dynamic hubbing, AI-powered Hubbing to provide the best voice route based on price/quality KPIs

As wholesalers and operators are faced with ever decreasing margins on their voice business, connecting the most cost-effective route to any destination as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality and security has become a key challenge. Our AI-powered dynamic hubbing solution automatically identifies the best possible route based on customer KPIs, at any point in time, bringing flexible management for optimized carrier costs on a larger pool of routes for customers, greater operational savings, cross-selling and opening to new customer segments and smoothened trading transactions globally, supporting the voice market as a whole. 

Dynamic Hubbing is just one illustration of Orange Wholesale International’ commitment to voice – but it’s certainly not the least significant. Indeed, voice trading has always been the pulse of the wholesale telecommunication industry – and with 1,600 destinations served, we believe we have the magnitude to be market-movers. By smoothening traffic exchanges, our Dynamic Hubbing supports the voice market as a whole, resulting in increased volumes for every involved party and stimulated usage for our customers and our customers’ users, while preserving their margins.

Category: Best MVNO solution provider of the year

Powering super stable global traveler and IoT roaming for corporate use with webbing

Development of MVNOs worldwide is heavily driven by niche market opportunities – and these opportunities often have global coverage implications. Such MVNOs are therefore reliant on innovative wholesale connectivity providers agile and global enough to deliver reliable, scalable solutions for this combination of potentially paradoxical needs. The Webbing use case with Orange Wholesale International is a fitting illustration of this market trend, and in our capacity to meet these complex challenges successfully. Even more so as this specific use case came with added twists: delivering stable connectivity for the global mobility of both humans and connected devices, in a B2B or even B2B2B environment. 

An international player with a strong leadership

As an international full-service supplier with solutions for operators, MNOs, MVNO, ISPs, Content Providers and Wholesalers, our customers enjoy an autonomous and secure digital experience. We deliver a fully tailored response with a comprehensive portfolio of flexible and innovative solutions. We take an individualized approach to fulfil Roaming, Messaging, Voice, Bandwidth, IP, Security & Anti-Fraud service requirements. With 26 retail operations and 286 million B2C, B2B and Wholesale customers, we are also at the heart of the wholesale voice value proposal.  


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