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On 05-01-2022
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Whether you are an Operator, a Content Provider or a pure Wholesaler, an international or a regional player, Orange Wholesale International is your trusted partner. We are proud to work alongside you for a fully tailored response to your needs with our comprehensive portfolio of flexible and innovative solutions. 

Quality of service 
“To keep growing our messaging business globally, we need European, African and Middle Eastern routes, and these are the destinations that we know for sure that Orange can deliver with excellent quality of service.”
Janett Tardiff
SMS Wholesale Manager, ComputerTel. Inc. 

Peace of mind
“Orange now enhances our global IP Transit footprint. The level of service and commitment on the client management side, quality IP Transit and subsea cable redundancy make it a no-brainer to partner with Orange.”
Dean Pillay
CEO, Agile Solutions Provider 

“There was a critical need to diversify our upstream providers. We knew that Orange’s IP service provides one of the best routing offers. We aim to level up our transit through this diversification.”
Mark Fernan
Account Director, IX Telecom

“We signed a contract with Orange Wholesale International for a 10 Gb International Private Line to interconnect Europe and Asia. The new terrestrial route was made possible through Orange’s new Point of Presence in Singapore, allowing to create a direct connection with Frankfurt.”
Dan Pitts
Senior Manager for Network Planning, Intelsat

Enhanced security
“I'm very pleased to hear that RPKI origin validation is now fully deployed in your network, and that, thanks to you, the internet routing table is now even more secure. You are clearly demonstrating your leadership among the international providers. We're very happy to be one of your Partners!”
Jérôme Fleury
Director of Network Engineering, Cloudflare


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