Increase your roaming revenues with IPX

On 10-06-2024
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In the dynamic landscape of roaming, you can trust Orange Wholesale to answer your growing capacity needs. This is why we are now offering IPX upgrades, ensuring simplicity, flexibility, security and reliability in order to manage your customer requirements.

aymeric-castelain-orange-wholesale“Empowering connectivity worldwide, Orange Wholesale IPX service and local breakout offerings pave the way for global roaming communication, meeting the evolving needs of today's interconnected world.”

Aymeric Castelain
Head of Mobile & Messaging at Orange Wholesale International

Our premium customer centric IP connectivity solution provides you a simple, single point of access for all your roaming traffic with multiple benefits for you and your customers. Furthermore, our dynamic bandwidth allocation offers a flexible configuration, providing a reliable connectivity. This is supported by an extensive IPX footprint spanning 200+ countries through 270+ PoPs and supported by additional transit value-added services. This ability to offer a growing footprint and an unparalleled quality of service establishes Orange Wholesale at the forefront of roaming worldwide.

Enhancing your customers’ roaming experience

In anticipation of the roaming traffic boom and to take your IPX traffic to the next level, we enhanced the capacity of our IPX offer by 10 to 20 times, boasting over 100 Gbps. This allows you to offer your roaming end users the best roaming user experience whatever the type of traffic: VOIP, 3G/4G/5G data, SS7 and LTE signaling, 5G NSA and 5G SA. Moreover, in order to provide a high-quality service, traffic is prioritized according to service management levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

Recognized IPX services you can trust

With the rollout of commercial roaming agreements expected in 2024, our IPX upgrade is one step closer to 5G roaming. Proof of our involvement our network has been recognized by our expanding customer base and we have been named Champion Roaming Vendor by Kaleido, an industry analyst. Notably for “providing wholesale services, backed by solid IPX and signaling offering”. At the center of this service lies the upgrade of local breakout points and our objectives are to continue to introduce new products to the market as part of IPX service evolution.

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