Going the extra mile in wholesale connectivity customer support

On 20-02-2024
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Orange Wholesale International offers an exceptional end-to-end customer journey, relying on a dedicated team working on a 24/7 basis. Our local experts are here to help with the most technical aspects of our global solutions. They ensure an outstanding quality of service by mobilizing all partners to facilitate repairs within the contractual time, considering the business impacts on our customers.

A step-by-step process for efficient incident resolution

Orange Wholesale International’s Customer Services Center operates as a dedicated unit designed for an efficient handling of customer’s incidents. The process begins with the taskforce of technicians who manage ticketing across voice, data, and mobile segments. This skilled team is committed to simplifying the customer journey by serving as the single point of contact for incident reporting and resolution. When needed, experts are mobilized to investigate further and even sometimes coordinate different services for more complex requests.

Once contacted, the Customer Service Center not only addresses incidents promptly but also prioritizes effective, transparent communication. Françoise Clerc, Head of the Customer Service Center, underlines the significance of timely reporting, especially “in cases of traffic disruption where our partners are suffering sales losses and need visibility over our incident-resolution procedures and timeframe”. In short, our step-by-step process ensures swift incident resolution and transparent communication to enhance customer satisfaction and support partner relationships.

Global solutions, local resolution

Orange Wholesale’s purpose is to be “powering global connectivity” with off-the-shelf and bespoke global telecommunication solutions connecting the world for operators, MNOs or content providers. At the same time, we understand the efficient, reactive customer support expected from a global leader must also rely on local resources. Service managers are strategically placed in all regions of operation, and support centers in New Delhi and Paris cover all time zones. In fact, 85% of voice and mobile-related tickets are solved at the first level of support thanks to the autonomy of the Customer Service Center. For data solutions, which require on site technician intervention, an effective coordination with clients and expert teams is often necessary.

Fostering trust through comprehensive incident management

Though variations may occur due to contractual obligations and the complexity of the issue, Orange Wholesale consistently maintains rapid return-to-service times across the board. An overwhelming proportion of data issues are resolved in less than 12 hours and for solutions with a contractual commitment, this falls below 4 hours. Concerning the voice domain, issues are resolved within a 48-hour timeframe. Swift issue resolution relies on efficient and quick analysis of its source.

Transparent communication to answer personalized customer needs

Customers also trust Orange Wholesale’s ability to communicate swiftly and efficiently. We are committed to providing information on priority 1 outages (totally cut data links for example) with first analysis within 2 hours and then every 4 hours at the least. We know that in the wholesale market our customers need clear and close follow-up when it comes to support with sensitive activities and new solutions. Therefore, the Customer Service Center frequently adapts its process to better understand the stakes and aim to foster smoother interactions. When dealing with sensitive needs, Orange Wholesale leverages the invaluable resources and knowledge of the whole businesses to identify the root cause of issue and coordinate various competencies worldwide.

Based on your interaction with your sales representative, the Customer Service Center can support any type of needs and provide you with a smoother journey. Orange Wholesale fosters trust due to its expertise, its ability to investigate and its transparent communication.

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