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POST Technologies guarantees quality voice service to their retail and business customers through our voice Hubbing and IDD solution.

On 02-06-2022
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POST Technologies is one of the entities of POST Group in Luxembourg who have been Orange’s client for more than 20 years. The government-owned public enterprise is Luxembourg’s largest employer and is active in various areas: telecom services, postal services, and financial services.

POST Technologies spearheads the group’s telecommunications business which include implementation and maintaining of fixed and mobile networks as well as Internet, IP TV access and IT services for businesses.

Voice quality service and overall satisfactory business experience

The customers of POST Technologies rely heavily on exceptional connection as Luxembourg is regarded as the most international financial hub in the world. Orange Wholesale International has provided POST Technologies with voice hubbing solution which guarantees the quality of voice services at most competitive prices, as well as International Direct Dialling solution (IDD) for bilateral traffic exchange. This agreement also entails competitive rates for their B2B and B2C customers. 

Roland Glesener of POST Technologies’ Wholesale and Carrier relations mentions: “We value the services of Orange hence why we primarily use them for bilateral voice exchange and hubbing traffic, any kind of signaling and roaming services.”

The most important factor for them was to have high quality transit services and to be able to reduce cost for their customers. Glesener adds: “As an incumbent company that can be considered an institution in the industry, we’re highly satisfied with the quality of service and competitive rates of Orange Wholesale International. It is a partner we can rely on in this regard.”

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