Promoting diversity and inclusion

On 02-02-2023
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At Orange Wholesale International, we believe that in order to better understand and serve our customers worldwide, we have to reflect their diversity. That is why we strive to truly live up to the “International” in our name: not only is our workforce scattered across continents, it’s also as multicultural and gender-blind as it gets. 

A truly global team of wholesale experts, both international and multicultural

Diversity and inclusion have always been part of Orange's DNA. Our global team of wholesale experts are now present on 4 continents and 24 locations worldwide to serve our customers better. On a daily basis, resources routinely work in a “follow-the-sun” operating mode, with teams in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa connecting with each other to bring you the best connectivity.

But that’s not all. Each of our offices itself is staffed with talented professionals from a great variety of backgrounds and cultures, representing over 30 nationalities, so that even our employees can be “connecting with the world” “in real life”, on a daily basis.

Talent in tech is gender-blind 

How could we talk about diversity while leaving out half of mankind? Talent is not only color blind, It’s also gender-blind. As a tech company, we believe that we have a responsibility to offer women the same opportunities as men, in a competitive industry which they often have reservations about joining, for various cultural or social reasons. That’s why we are proud to follow Orange’s 2025 agenda on that matter, with 30% of women in tech roles, 40% in our commercial functions, and 50% at senior management level.

Talented female colleagues are actively promoted within our Wholesale & International Network arm, with such initiatives as Wenity For Win, a network created in 2013, as well as with mentoring programs to embolden individual ambitions.

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