Unlock revenue growth: Roaming Sponsor’s secure, fast deployment

On 17-06-2024
Reading time : 4 minutes

As a MVNO or an MNO, you always want to offer the best roaming solution to your customers. With Orange Wholesale Roaming Sponsor, you can provide high-quality roaming coverage for travelers and IoT customers, rely on our 700+ roaming agreements and get the best-in-class service.

zigor-gaubeca“We are a Spain based Content Service Provider. In our MVNO service we chose Orange Wholesale Roaming Sponsor solution notably for its worldwide coverage, extended roaming agreements and the low latency of the service. Orange Wholesale was also able to swap and deploy the new solution with narrow deadlines. Contrary to traditional bilateral agreements that could take years to implement, our solution is very fast to put into service, without any impact for our customers. ”

Zigor Gaubeca
Chief Technology Officer at Grupo Aire

One of the key assets of the solution notably lies in the the competitive prices, thanks to the best tariffs negotiated by Orange Wholesale. For Jérémy Péan, Product Marketing Manager at Orange Wholesale France, “this solution delivers the best roaming quality at a lower price with no platform investment or resource allocated to roaming”. On top of this, with the resurgence of pre-pandemic travel levels in 2024 as predicted by all analysts, security concerns are more crucial than ever. Therefore, Elise Le Lann, Offers Manager at Orange Wholesale International warns that the traffic booming “leads to a growing demand for anti-fraud solutions. That's why our portfolio provides a wide range of services that protect voice signaling and voice messaging traffic”.

A solution included in a wider range of roaming services

Orange Wholesale IPX and signaling solutions are necessary when using Roaming Sponsor. Regarding the roaming coverage, Roaming Sponsor and Open Roaming Hub have a worldwide reach. Besides MNOs and MVNOs we address private networks for roaming purposes between private and public networks with international needs. Whereas 5G is penetrating all areas of mobile connectivity, Orange Wholesale’s Roaming Sponsor solution includes Local Breakout of the traffic by region, VoLTE, 5G NSA or LPWA delivering maximized revenues with a higher security level.

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