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On 06-11-2023
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As part of the new Orange Wholesale initiative, we’re standing stronger at the side of our customers and partners to deliver the value they expect, through our upgraded service range, expanded infrastructure and enlarged team of experts. 

Delivering wholesale connectivity to the world for the last 30 years and more, since Orange entered the nascent business, has been quite a ride.  

Many in our staff, who have been part of the journey from the beginning, have witnessed the rise of new technologies, new services, new usages, new expectations. They can tell the tale of how they, as professionals, and Orange as an organization, adapted to all these disruptions, and even anticipated quite a few of them. We are now standing at a crossroads.  

New expectations, new solutions

Voice, data, mobile, satellite… a host of connectivity options led us to where we are. And there’s just one way forward: value. Our customers and partners don’t simply need carrier services from point A to point B anymore. They expect us to deliver value, factoring in all the diversity of their technological platforms, business models and financial objectives, no matter the connectivity type used. They want secure performance that lasts. They require custom solutions, ordered at the swipe of a phone screen and delivered in days. They need transparent, efficient, reactive customer service and support from expert professionals through the whole customer lifecycle. In order to be able to deliver even more of this end-to-end value they expect from us, we’ve decided to become stronger. Smoother. Simpler. We are now the international arm of Orange Wholesale. We provide leading global connectivity solutions. We build and we maintain advanced network infrastructure for voice, data and mobile, on the land, under the seas, in the air and in space.  
We now enjoy unparalleled investment muscle to develop cutting-edge infrastructure, innovative solutions and shape this value.  
This includes Content Delivery Boost, our new trusted CDN offer, a telco CDN fully integrated into our Orange networks, to help our customers bring their content as close as possible to the end users and deliver it with speed, quality and security! This also includes 400G, a far more cost per bit-efficient option, helping our customers save 75% on patching and cabling costs, with simpler provisioning and less waste, on fully tested routes. There’s also our MEF-standardized APIs, as we now are one of the few players present on both the partner aggregation and asset exposure sides of the APIs coin, expanding the market, increasing transaction volumes and effectively positioning our offering as a true one-stop-shop for connectivity. And there’s a bunch of new tools to make life easier for our customers, like our widely expected new interactive network map, now showing every available connectivity option on any chosen route. 

New recognition, new ambition

This relentless commitment to shape value for our customers and the market as a whole does not go unnoticed by the industry, with several new awards won this year and recognition by prominent analysts further extended. These distinctions encourage us to do even more. But what’s really pushing us forward is the feedback from our customers. Once again, they are telling us that we’re going the right direction. But after all these years, all these market disruptions, all these new connectivity offers – their expectations have changed. So we decided it was time to take all these evolutions into account and update our Customer Service Pledge accordingly. To do this right, we’ll keep listening to you and anticipating the next disruptions. Orange Wholesale is here to last. Together, and with you. 

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