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Sponsored Roaming for the 5G era

On 18-01-2024
Reading time : 8 minutes

As full MVNOs and MNOs, you need to provide your customers with the best roaming solution while they are abroad. Listen to what over 100 operators who participated in a dedicated survey on this topic are sharing, qualifying Sponsored Roaming as a critical topic for the upcoming years to enable eSim offers for the consumer and enterprise markets.

The replay of the Webinar is available

February 15th, 2024 - 2pm GMT: Sponsored Roaming for the 5G era

Addressed topics during this online event:

  • The expected growth in travelers and IoT roaming for 2024 & beyond
  • MNO and MVNO approaches towards sponsored roaming solutions
  • Critical factors to consider with 5G and changing travel trends
  • The white paper based on the results of Kaleido's latest survey
  • Orange Wholesale's set of roaming solutions and roadmap
  • Grupo Aire's 20 years expertise presentation
  • Live Q&A opportunities

Download the whitepaper

Major actors on stage to share their expertise

As roaming is undergoing significant changes with new market players in the fields of eSim and Mobile Private Networks as well as new services made possible due to 5G, VoLTE…don’t miss this live webinar with Kaleido, Grupo Aire and Orange Wholesale. You will learn how to optimize your roaming strategy through roaming solutions including Sponsored Roaming to leverage new market opportunities.

You will also get a copy of the full white paper including findings based on Kaleido’s latest survey. A question-and-answer slot will also give you the opportunity to address or detail some topics.

Insights and feedbacks with Grupo Aire

Grupo Aire is a consortium of telecommunication companies that provides connectivity services, MVNO/E, VoIP, UCaaS, cloud, managed services, and data center services to businesses and public organizations through operators and technology partners. It ambitions of supporting them in their digital transformation processes.

It's in this context that Grupo Aire chose Orange Wholesale as a partner to improve roamers’ experience for their own customers and to gain competitiveness in an always dynamic Spanish market.



Elise Le Lann
Offers Manager at Orange Wholesale International

Elise has several years of experience in the Wholesale industry within Orange. She started at the Voice department at the trading desk. Afterwards, she became product manager for new products and innovation within the Mobile services team. She worked also on the launch of the Orange Roaming Sponsor solution at Orange Wholesale International. Recently, she became offers manager within the roaming and messaging team. Elise holds an Australian global MBA.


Jérémy Péan
Product Marketing Manager at Orange Wholesale France

With a double engineering degree in France and Spain, Jérémy started his career in 2015 driving digital transformation at Stellantis in Madrid. Then, he joined the Orange Graduate Program, initially managing client advisors in charge of retail customer sales. Afterwards, he delivered the Sosh (a mobile-services brand by Orange) online shop on mobile phones. As an e-commerce product manager for and, he led a cross-functional team, boosting sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

Since 2021 he has taken the role of International Product Manager at Orange Wholesale France. He develops sponsored roaming solutions, achieving a significant growth, enabling major acquisitions and industry recognition of our leading products. Managing sustainability initiatives, he also fosters the adoption of an eco-design approach and facilitate a CO2 footprint assessment.


Zigor Gaubeca
Chief Technology Officer - Network Architect - Aire Networks

Zigor Gaubeca holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Alfonso X el Sabio University in Madrid. He has a postgraduate degree in Networks and Systems from CEU in Valencia.
With more than 20 years of experience in high performance environments in Telecommunications, Software Development, and IT, he has been working at Grupo Aire since 2007, where he is currently the CTO of the company.
Passionate about his profession, he is a well-known expert in networks, and is firmly convinced that technology, teamwork and innovation are keys to face further challenges.


Nitin Bash

Chief strategy and insights at Kaleido Intelligence, and Moderator of the webinar


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