Summview fosters its capacity to deliver content to Europe and Africa thanks to Orange International Carrier’s CDN solution

On 02-03-2022
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Summview is a tech-based startup proposing services in the field of content distribution, in France and in Africa, particularly with an important footprint in Nigeria. They specialize in end-to-end distribution of multimedia content via applications and services for smartphone, tablets, connected TV, IPTV and OTT.

To foster its presence across the African region, specifically Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and South Africa, Summview chose Orange’s Media Delivery Boost (MDB) infrastructures, and Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Growing globally through Orange’s CDN Solution

Summview currently operates in Africa and Europe primarily for content delivery and foresees a global growth of business in the near future. According to Summview’s CEO Denis Pagnac: “Our primary business is to address Africa and Europe, and eventually become global. Orange’s CDN allows us to keep our source content in the two locations where we are located, and to distribute them to multiple countries. Not having the burden to replicate the content and our technical infrastructure in all countries where we develop the business brings us a huge flexibility in terms of sales strategy and go-to-market”. With the aid of Orange’s CDN, bringing their own equipment to a target country is no longer necessary.

Communication and progress

In working with us, Denis Pagnac mentions: “Orange being a large group and Summview, a technology startup, we were a bit concerned on the communication and capability to work together, however we have been positively surprised. We have worked with the small and dedicated team where the communication with the sales team, technical experts, and managers have been very smooth.”

Additionally, weekly and short progress meetings have allowed to consolidate all progress to all stakeholders and get access to information allowing them to reach objectives and monitor technical performances.

Validation of project feasibility and technical interconnection

Through validating the project feasibility and technical interconnection, Summview has been able to present to customers and prospects end-to-end solutions that are simple, straightforward, and easy to deploy. Denis Pagnac concludes: “Our expectation towards Orange is to further develop business together and access new markets, leveraging on both our complimentary expertise.”

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