The Marseille hub: A strong digital gateway

On 30-05-2023
Reading time : 2 minutes

Our global network just got even better. But this time it’s not just about laying one more cable or adding a few PoPs. It’s about bringing to life a strategic vision to cluster all the comprehensiveness of our wholesale telecom offering into a single digital gateway for global exchanges.  

With turn-key solutions for all global telecom players, our Marseille hub connects no less than 12 subsea cables and 8 major terrestrial links such as the Frankfurt London Amsterdam Paris “FLAP”, and on to America with the Dunant and AMITIE connection. 

Africa, through PEACE, 2Africa and Medusa, or Asia with SEA-ME-WE 4, 5 and soon SEA-ME-WE 6 are therefore all connected with each other through our Marseille hub and its ultra high-speed fiber city ring, linking all datacenters and landing stations together. 

As a concentrate of our global expertise, the Marseille hub provides dark fiber connectivity to neutral datacenters, neutral datacenter housing, landing station services as well as submarine cable deployment and maintenance with the nearby home harbor of the Orange Marine fleet of cable ships, representing 15% of the world’s total. All our latest services are made available in this hub, including IP transit and EVPL solutions

Alongside with the Marseille hub, we keep investing in our other hubs of Dakar, Abidjan, Singapore and Martinique to bring our customers the best of our unique connectivity offering. 

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