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On 31-05-2023
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Today, video represents over 80% of the world’s internet traffic, and providers are moving to Over-The-Top (OTT) distribution of their programs to achieve a global scale. This is why CDN is a critical component in delivering such a best-in-class experience. At Orange Wholesale International, we are proud to be the only global operator to offer an extensive footprint of CDNs through our Content Delivery Boost (CDB) service. For any web or mobile application, this solution delivers high capacity, fast loading times, optimal video streaming quality, security against web attacks, and lower international bandwidth costs.

Expanding our CDN footprint

As the owner of our networks, we control the end-to-end value chain. This also applies to our CDN PoPs. This means that our solution is secured “by design” because it is part of our IP network. What is new is the launch of an enhanced solution thanks to a new software layer. According to Laurent Talibart, CDN Business Development Director at Orange Wholesale International “this will allow us to increase the number of our CDN PoPs from 50 to 200 by 2024, extending our CDN footprint from France, Western Europe and Africa to Eastern Europe, the United States and Asia. This unparalleled global coverage is a unique opportunity for Orange to offer a solution to broadcasters, telcos, OTT, as well as the banking/finance, e-commerce, and gaming industries, allowing them to expand their customer base.

Anticipating market needs

To date, more than 15 players have adopted our CDB solution. But our customers want much more and are asking for greater digitalization. François Collobert, CDN Content Delivery Boost Product Manager at Orange Wholesale International explains that “the huge growth in content traffic is forcing us to innovate and this new software layer will also allow us to digitalize the customer acquisition process through our Orange eCare portal.” He points out that “the extension of our coverage is imperative to anticipate market trends, consumption growth, and ultimately, be an asset for our customers.”
He concludes by reminding us that “more than ever, at a time when digital sovereignty is becoming a hot topic, this enhanced solution is a step in the right direction.”

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