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Turning voice business into a game-changer through innovation

On 03-10-2022
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As a testament of our commitment to voice, we keep investing in digital transformation to bring innovative solutions to the market and future-proof our services  

As the voice market is going through major transformations, Orange Wholesale International stands out as the biggest global wholesaler in value, with unparalleled and still growing network reach on 5 continents. Offering you the best customer value in the market requires from us not only a highly connected network and strong expertise, but also in-and-out digital transformation through investments and smart innovation. We also focus on turning a legacy business into a game-changer through constant innovation and investment. 

Innovating to revamp a traditional market

Since 2021, we have been delivering high added value through increased connectivity, security and speed-to-market. “We’ve expanded our networks to offer exceptional reach with 4 new voice PoPs and 200 connections and digitalized our portfolio to reduce delivery time”, Céline Kaya, Outsourcing & Corridors Product Manager at Orange Wholesale International says. Besides, “we reinvented voice corridors to improve traffic retention and settled automated hubbing solutions with new AI-powered tools, such as machine-learning and algorithm-based route optimization”. An assessment shared by Sanjeev Sharma, Head of Wholesale Voice at  V-CON who values “Orange’s extensive voice coverage, which is a key element for our company in strengthening our presence globally.”

Future-proofing our solutions to fit customer needs

As Frédéric Freschel, Head of Voice & Advanced Communications at Orange Wholesale International points out, “we believe that to reinvent the market, wholesalers need to reinvent themselves. By transforming the operation and distribution models, that’s exactly what we are doing”. Orange is now offering a complete portfolio of future-proofed solutions, from Hubbing Dynamic features to global outsourcing, from corridors to cloud numbers.

All assets are fully powered by automated trading and routing platforms, fitting customer needs with on-demand voice services. Developing innovative products for our customers and powerful enablers for our teams: this is how we remain committed to voice; this is our way to the Futures. Whoever said the voice market had no future must have dialed the wrong number.


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