WebSatMedia assures data connection stability through Orange Wholesale International’ IP Transit solution

On 13-05-2022
Reading time : 4 minutes

WebSatMedia is a global satellite service provider delivering connectivity to remote locations. They deliver services to more than 82 countries globally and have network operation centers in Singapore, Indonesia, East Timor, and Ecuador. The company caters to business clients from different industries such as telecoms, banking, oil, gas & mining, and government entities.

Meng Soon Lim, founder and CEO of WebSatMedia founded the company in the year 2000 and has been working with Orange for more than 20 years. He mentions: “We have worked for many years with Orange and kept our communication intact because of the good support we get from the management and technical teams.”

Circumnavigating service disruptions through International Carrier’s IP transit routes

Earthquakes are inevitable calamities in the Pacific region, so WebSatMedia wanted to assure alternative routes to continue the distribution of connectivity despite the disruptions. Meng Soon Lim mentions, “We need to make sure we have a survivable route. With calamities such as earthquakes, some cables are cut with our upstream service providers and the links get disrupted. They needed to be routed to different paths. One alternative was passing through the Indian Ocean, and Orange’s IP Transit was able to provide the best service for this route. Thanks to Orange Wholesale International, we have been able to provide our services without any disruption.”

Venturing in the terrestrial connectivity business

WebSatMedia already have a lot of partners globally that help deliver their satellite services, and as a business initiative in the future, they are looking at doing terrestrial activity. Meng Soon Lim adds: “Orange Wholesale International could be a good partner to support our company’s vision to provide terrestrial connectivity globally in the future.”

Finally, in recognition of Orange International Carrier’s service, Meng Soon Lim concludes: “I’m thankful of Orange for giving us the best support, allowing us to go through a great business journey. I’m certain we’re going to work with Orange for the long haul.”

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