What trust means

On 03-05-2024
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Whether it be roaming, IP, bandwidth, hubbing, messaging… Orange Wholesale is not merely selling connectivity products. Or solutions. Or services. What we’re actually selling is trust. The trust our customers have in our capacity to reward the trust that their own users have placed in them.

For us, delivering trusted services means our customers can vouch on the reliability, performance, security of our solutions and on the dependability of our teams in terms of delivery. Trust is about our tech as much as it is about our people.

Take Roaming, a perfect example of the importance of trust in telecommunications. Our customers need to trust our ability to provide them with performance on our side. They also need to trust us to connect them through trustworthy partners down the whole connectivity chain. Growing capacity needs led us to further expand our IPX footprint and implement local breakout. Our roaming networks are simple, flexible, secure and reliable – don’t simply take our word for it: an independent analyst, Kaleido, has named us Champion Roaming Vendor.

Trusted partner, trusted peer

Another reason why customers should trust our roaming offers is that leading peers in the wholesale market trust us themselves, like e& Carrier Unit. They have joined forces with us to boost IPX and 5G SA connectivity, bringing to global and regional customers the power of a combined IPX network with the benefits of major innovations for improved customer experience.

We know trust should never be blind however, so we make sure the performance of our Roaming Sponsor comes at a reduced cost. That’s because we can leverage our position as a major, respected global telco in negotiating the best interconnexion rates.

The service we most frequently label as “trusted” is our CDN – Content Delivery Boost. The terminology is not about marketing. Our trusted CDN offers robust infrastructure backed by stringent security procedures and data storage protection. Why? Because we have 200 PoPs in strategic locations, because we own the network, because we are a European company, as are our technological partners. The data of our customers and their users is safe with us.

Concerning voice and messaging, Orange Wholesale joined i3Forum’s One Consortium initiative to fight illegal or unwanted voice calls and messages. We know that “Restoring Trust in International Communications” can only be achieved collectively – among trusted partners.

Face-to-face, side-by-side

Even when telecommunication solutions are concerned, what fosters trust more than direct, human contact? You can meet our experts in the flesh in no less than 50 industry events per year, all around the world.

And one reason why we can be present and relevant in so many events is that we can also rely on local resources. Our teams, like the Americas and Large Project teams, are on the spot the whole time. That’s how we care for you on a daily basis.

Finally, we believe that representatives of a business only inspire as much trust externally, as the trust that they receive themselves within their organization. That’s one reason why we care so much about Corporate Social Responsibility matters at Orange Wholesale, like equal opportunities. So that we all know the meaning of trust.

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