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When security rhymes with innovation

On 03-10-2022
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The wholesale environment is challenged like never before by fraud, which costs the telecom industry €10.6 billion in 2021. As markets are shrinking and fraud becomes more sophisticated and accessible, our customers need a detailed picture of the vulnerabilities on all their networks and revenue streams. 

Orange and security innovation: a lasting story

As early as 2007, our spirit of innovation led us to introduce the first telecom security solution on the wholesale market with “SMS Control”. Today, Orange Wholesale International is still among Global Data’s market leaders in anti-fraud and security. All business channels must therefore be assessed extensively. That’s why we launched 360° Checkup.

For Elsa Uguet, Anti-fraud and Security Marketing Director at Orange Wholesale International, “this solution is a pioneering innovation as it is the only one in the market putting together an audit for all 3 main businesses: voice, mobile, data”. After the audit is performed, our experts deliver an actionable, encrypted security report, putting our customers in a position to make the right decisions concerning their more critical network vulnerabilities. 

A promising, innovative solution

According to a UK consultancy’s market survey, “value-added services”, which include security and fraud detection, are what MNOs, FNOs, ISPs, Content Providers, MVNOs have the “most intention to buy in the planned year”. The success of solutions like 360° Checkup is helping our customers better understand the nature of new threats and that the marketplace will switch to a more comprehensive approach of security.

Technologically, financially and practically, our security solutions also directly benefit from the muscle of the Orange Group, which invested €643 million in R&D last year, with a strong focus on security and network efficiency. This is further proof that our Group recognizes the importance of cybersecurity and the role of innovation in protecting our customers. At Orange Wholesale International, we believe that in the near future, all wholesale telecom solutions shall natively integrate the latest anti-fraud technologies.



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