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Elevate your digital experience with Orange eCare

Maximize operational efficiency with Orange eCare, your all-in-one management solution. Experience effortless control, streamlined team access, and efficient document retrieval for improved operational excellence.

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Autonomy and control

Manage services, report incidents, and request changes with ease, gaining autonomy over your products and solutions.

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Access management

Efficiently manage your team's access, adding administrators and users while controlling feature access.

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Document accessibility

Easily access and download invoices, reports, and documents in your personalized portal for organized history

Empower your operations with advanced features

Take charge of your services anytime, anywhere with our portal, accessible 24/7. Gain control and efficiency with the following key functionalities:



  • Ultra-fast delivery in under 1 minute
  • Commitment periods from just 1 day
  • Complete autonomy with real-time feasibility checks
  • Instant quotations


  • Immediate visibility on capacity and bandwidth
  • Stay informed with minute-by-minute insights


  • All invoices in one place for streamlined financial management


  • Monthly QoS reports for comprehensive performance analysis

Technical support

  • 1-day reduction in incident resolution
  • Detailed ticket history and easy escalation

Offer management

  • Single entry point for change requests
  • Consolidated follow-up and history for efficient offer management

Efficient online incident management

Quickly resolve issues with our eCare ticketing system.

Stay on track

  • Streamline incident resolution with an automated trouble ticket creation tool, ensuring seamless tracking.

Full visibility

  • Access complete insights into planned maintenance schedules, enhancing your service experience.

Effortless tracking and communication

  • Track trouble ticket progress and communicate effectively, with regular email updates ensuring efficient resolution.


24/7 Support on eCare

For any questions or assistance, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 through Orange eCare.

  • Visit the "Need Help" section for immediate support
  • Consult our comprehensive FAQ for common queries
  • Contact us directly for personalized assistance at any time

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Our customers' testimonials


Sascha AE
Regional Sales Manager MEA at Teways

“Support issues are dealt with by logging support tickets on the Orange Customer Portal and turnaround times are efficient, and well communicated. They take everything step-by-step to give their clients the best results and fix the issue timeously. We are also enjoying using Orange’s Customer portal to monitor our traffic, as well as support. And we are sure that the confidentiality of our data is respected.”