Advanced Cloud Access

Based on a cost-effective high performing IP Transit Tier 1 solution, benefit from reserved bandwidth and improved QoS to your business critical cloud traffic.

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Best-in-class IP Transit service for public cloud connectivity

Connecting with public cloud service providers has never been easier, cost-effective and performant. Our Advanced Cloud Access service provides you with an enhanced QoS and SLA for business critical cloud traffic


Improvement IP Transit-based solution

Rely on your IP Transit link to reach public cloud service providers.

Tick_confirmation_19371 Class of Service

Our fine-tuned CoS configuration provides premium performance for your business-critical cloud traffic.   

internet_browser_19371 High resiliency

Fully protected and redundant IP Transit network (AS 5511).

Benefit from improved QoS & cost effectiveness

Improved QoS

- Improved QoS, guaranteed and enriched SLA (Service Availability, Round Trip Time, Packet Loss Rate and Jitter)
- Bandwidth reservation for public cloud traffic


Reach several major public cloud service providers simultaneously from a single IP Transit access. 

Mutualized capacity

If your Advanced Cloud Access bandwidth is idle, it is automatically assigned to "All Routes" Internet organic traffic.


Improved and guaranteed QoS

Balancing QoS and cost control

Advanced Cloud Access (ACA) improves and enriches the QoS and SLA of cloud connectivity over the Internet. Combine IP Transit cost-effectiveness with a QoS-high-performance solution for your or your B2B customers' business-critical traffic.

IP Transit Intense includes ACA with higher SLA and limits on the effect of congestion for cloud-based services. ACA offers RTD reduced by at least 5% versus traffic without ACA, which can equate to several milliseconds less and make a noticeable difference to the service.  Other commitments include a Packet Loss Rate of 0.05% (divided by 2 compared to traffic without ACA), and Jitter limited to 5ms worldwide.


Multi-cloud access

Reach several major public cloud service providers simultaneously

Capitalize on your IP Transit links in order to reach major public cloud service providers*. From a single IP Transit link you can reach several clouds simultaneously. It eases your network operations and optimizes your costs: you no longer need dedicated links for each cloud provider and region.
* Contact us for available cloud providers and regions


How to benefit from Advanced Cloud Access?

Declare IP addresses exchanging traffic with public clouds

Identify and declare the specific IP addresses you, or your B2B customers, use in exchanging traffic with public clouds. Our specific and fine-tuned CoS configuration provides a guaranteed and improved QoS and bandwidth reservation for corresponding critical traffic. 

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