The Orange Value Offer
A new customer experience


Jean-Bernard Willem
Senior Vice President,
Product Marketing and Development,
Orange Wholesale International, Orange

Market-driven and customer-focussed

Outstanding service is a must-have for carriers today. What can your customers expect from Orange that will improve their experience?

“Customers should be confident that they can rely on their telco partners to keep pace with today’s needs. The world is changing faster than anyone could have predicted. It has become more challenging and more digital, and unimagined paths to the future are opening up in this fully connected environment. Markets are evolving towards more convergence with continuous growth in data consumption and vital security imperatives. Additionally, crises reveal that we need to be more reactive and to anticipate when rapid capacity changes are necessary. At Orange we have seen an opportunity to create additional customer value by launching a new and innovative approach that offers fully adapted services.”

Going further to meet business expectations

Orange has one of the widest, most comprehensive ranges of solutions in the industry. How do you enhance the experience for your customers?

“Orange is one of the few operators in the world that offers such depth of service and support, with an unrivalled experience in wholesale and retail marketplaces. To remain close to our customers, we have adopted a “design thinking” approach where we discuss together and test solutions in order to better meet their end-users’ expectations. Through our exchanges we have identified opportunities to improve business for our customers by providing more flexibility, a better digital experience and more inclusive solutions.”

  • Simplifying offers to better serve specific customer needs

We are making offers clearer and simpler so they are easier to understand. By adapting our range of solutions, we are able to respond to segmented requirements.

  • Adapting offers to the developing digital environment

Our customers want to do more business online so we are introducing offers that are more adapted for digital distribution. We are enhancing our online channels with new automated information tools on our website, making digital interactions easier with online quotation and ordering facilities. We are also providing real-time service monitoring, management and feedback on our dedicated customer portal : Orange eCare

  • Including more value-added services: customer care and anti-fraud

Premium customer care means that securing our offers and our platforms is a value-added must-have. Voice, messaging and Internet traffic all have security built-in to maintain business activity, reputation and revenues.


The Orange experience at the best price


The finest balance between Essential and Intense with flexible and agile transport


The high-value “all-inclusive” offer with service-management and security

Transforming the business for customers

This is an ambitious program. How is Orange positioned to roll-out these changes? What advantages will this bring to your customers?

“The first step was to launch the Orange Service Pledge to put our customers at the centre of all activities. We plan to incorporate new features progressively in order to raise the bar and improve quality for carriers, operators and more importantly, for all end-users. In addition, we have worked to create a new, customer-centric segmentation for a large selection of Orange wholesale services: Roaming, Messaging, Voice, Bandwidth, IP and Content Distribution, Security and Anti-Fraud. It is possible to evolve and customise our current three-tier service model according to needs. Our aim is to improve our customers’ journey and to make it more adaptive, direct and efficient. Thanks to our expertise, we can bring a pioneering multiservice, convergent range of offers with different levels of security, digitalisation and adapted service management.”