5G core network as a service

Leveraging cloud thinking to enable affordable 5G for all

Smart cities, Industry 4.0, remote surgery, immersive gaming and virtual reality are all examples of applications that 5G standalone promises to take to a new, unprecedented level. With massive speed, ultra-low latency and network slicing, 5G SA will enable new use cases and business models for both consumers and enterprises.

However, the transition to 5G SA is no small feat. It requires massive investments in spectrum, antennas and a brand new core network. Operators will need to completely transform their operating model and acquire new skills. Small operators may not be able to see today how they can make a return on such massive investments.

For this whitepaper, we interviewed several telecom operators: they expressed their expectations for 5G, but also their concerns and what hinders their transformation. This led us to imagine a new solution. We are convinced that a new cloud-based model could alleviate some of these challenges and accelerate the introduction of 5G SA, while aligning costs with the rate of adoption in your market.

In this white paper, you will find :

  • An analysis of the key challenges a telecom operator must overcome to transform to 5G standalone
  • Recommendations on how best to move towards 5G SA, based on the experience and best practices of Orange Wholesale experts
  • Our proposition to ease the transformation and reduce the risk for small operators: 5G Core Network as a Service.

Happy reading!