LTE Optimum Roaming

Orange’s Steering of Roaming solution to improve the management of your 4G outbound traffic, optimise revenues and enhance your customer experience.

LTE Optimum Roaming

LTE is now available in more than 200 countries

Since the launch of LTE following a growing demand for data abroad, 4G routes and roaming openings have multiplied and roaming agreements were terminated.

As a result, steering problems in 4G began to emerge, such as an increase in unmanaged traffic leaks, while alternatives using 2G/3G steering showed their limitations.

Today, mobile operators are looking for an appropriate and specialized steering solution for 4G roaming.
As one of the first LTE carriers, Orange provides MNOs with accurate services to help them maximize their LTE roaming business and offer the best possible end-user experience.

LTE Optimum Roaming enables Mobile Network Operators to implement steering policies based on the 4G signalling protocol.
This offer allows you to accurately manage the distribution of your 4G outbound roamers to your preferred foreign partners.



Meet your market share strategy with a dynamic real-time steering 

Based on real-time Update Location Requests from outbound 4G roamers, LTE Optimum Roaming enables you to adjust the distribution of outbound roaming traffic to preferred partners in order to meet wholesale volume commitments. 

Dynamic redirection also helps to solve quality matters if a partner is facing 4G coverage issues.


Manage your traffic through specific advanced assets 

Make the most of every partnership agreement and every subscriber attachment, thanks to a variety of steering configuration possibilities.

LTE Optimum Roaming makes it possible to create and leverage different steering policies based on partnerships, price or quality of service offered by partners.


Prepare better deals with accurate reports and analytics 

Orange Steering of Roaming solution provides you with daily, weekly and monthly reports, offering transparency for your entire outbound 4G roaming ecosystem and activity.

Performance reports help you to understand subscribers’ usage of 4G while abroad and consequently to make more informed and targeted steering decisions and adjustments.



Enhance your negotiation power and increase your margins 

The Inter-Operators Tariffs negotiation is the driving force behind wholesale roaming business. Accurate redirection of traffic towards preferred partners is a powerful negotiation lever that allows to discuss IOT discounts and better wholesale agreements. Protect and maximize roaming-in revenues while controlling roaming costs.
Reduce your wholesale outbound roaming costs by steering your subscribers abroad to partners with the most advantageous wholesale rates.
Increase your inbound roaming revenues, by negotiating for mutual traffic deals or higher inbound volumes, in exchange of steering your outbound roaming traffic.



Improve your customers’ experience 

LTE Optimum Roaming will help you achieve a balance between customer experience and revenue objectives.

Ensure continuity of 4G services to your subscribers abroad with the best quality. 

Orange Steering of Roaming  solution allows you to focus on your 4G roamers by creating different classes of service according to their profiles, usage or subscribed services.
Customize steering rules for specific customers’ segments to better meet their expectations.


Prepare your future roaming business 

Maximize your Voice over LTE and IoT roaming deals and your revenues.

Our steering solution will help you to anticipate and develop your IoT roaming business through promising cases of data usage in machine-to-machine roaming, as well as your VoLTE roaming business based on 4G protocol.


LTE Optimum Roaming specially designed for 4G roaming

The Orange 4G roaming steering solution, based on the Diameter protocol mechanisms offers you the most accurate management possible to avoid undesired traffic leaks and get the most out of each roaming device or accessory.

LTE roaming shema A

A turnkey solution with a centralized platform, so you can focus on your business priorities

  • Fully redundant, out-of-the-box service with no CAPEX investment and short deployment times to accelerate the development of your 4G roaming business
  • The Orange roaming steering platform is hosted on the Orange Cloud and ensures high redundancy thanks to active and stand-by servers, with a 99.5% committed SLA.
  •  Access to the solution's intuitive graphical interface (GUI) through a secure remote connection
  •  Leverage Orange's proven expertise and support to solve and advise on steering issues on all generations of 2G, 3G and 4G mobiles
LTE roaming shema B

Our 4G Steering of Roaming solution is your best ally to accurately manage your 4G outbound roaming and to achieve your business and partnership strategy.

Offer the continuity of 4G services at the best quality to your subscribers while abroad and steer the right roamer to the right partner at the lowest cost.