In brief

SMS Roaming Info enables you to:

  • Comply with roaming regulations on prices transparency.
  • Communicate with your end-users when roaming in order to:
    • Increase your voice and data revenues
    • Be transparent as far as roaming rates are concerned
  • Develop the traffic of your roamers IN.

Our solution

As the world leader in roaming signalling, with over 20 years’ experience and the widest roaming coverage (over 1000 ITU and ANSI destinations), our SS7 offer meets mobile operators’ needs for quality, security and international coverage.

SMS Roaming Info allows to send SMS to roamers in/out:

SMS Bon Voyage

Home network sends SMS to your end-users when roaming OUT and localisedon the visited network for them to be informed of:

  • Roaming rates for more transparency
  • The name of the preferred partner network
  • Their voicemail access codes

Welcome SMS

SMS used to welcome the roamer IN and give information from the VPLMN in the roamer’s home language for maximum impact.


HLR: Home Location Register

MNO: Mobile Network Operator

STP: Signaling Transfer Part

VLR: Visitors' location Register

VMSC: Visited Mobile Service Switching Center

VPLMN: Visited Public Land Mobile Network

SCCP: Signalling Connection Control Part

As Update Location messages are duplicated, roaming is never affected in case of Roaming Info platform failure. Through secure remote access, you can define your SMS sending policies and have access to online reporting.

For best in class QoSlevels, SS7 solution and its options are also available via our Multiservice IP eXchangeoffer.


  • Orange has to be your unique SS7 provider in order to maximize the benefits you can get from the solution
  • Orange has to manage the SCCP function
  • Orange must be given a dedicated Global Title

Your benefits

Simpleand flexible management

  • Turnkey service with no need to develop your own platform
  • Simple takeover
  • Specific training
  • Flexible solution
  • Integrated service which is part of the SS7 offer (in terms of billing and contract)

Easy implementation and management process

Apply your own parameters of provisioning policies through secure remote access

Cash savings

Monthly fixed fee instead of expensive CAPEX investment

Boost roaming revenues

Full transparency of roaming rates helps increase revenues from roaming traffic

Reduce churn

Valuable information is provided to customers while they are roaming

Secure roaming traffic

Roaming traffic Update Location duplicated > no risk for your roaming traffic

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