SMS Fraud Detection and Control to maximise messaging monetisation


Benefit from Orange’s ability to address more flows and all messaging fraud cases (spamming, spoofing, faking, SIM Boxes, grey routes). With our SMS fraud detection, periodic audits of your SMS routes will identify any existing fraud, SIM Boxes or bypass occurrence.

With Orange SMS Control platform, all your international incoming SMS roaming and interworking traffic is analysed and protected in real-time against any kind of SMS fraud (spoofing, faking, etc) and by‑pass.

Our solution

World leader in roaming signallingwith over 20 years’ experience and the widest roaming coverage (over 1000 ITU and ANSI destinations), our SS7 offer meets mobile operators’ needs for quality, security and international coverage.

The SMS Control solution protects your incominginternational SMS traffic from spam and fraud. The SMS Control platform, located within our SS7 network, blocks any SMS as soon as a spam or fraud is detected.

Thanks to a secured web access, our SMS Control solution enables you to implement your own filtering rules and manage your SMS Interworking flow:

  • Proactively analyze your international SMS traffic
  • Block fraudulent SMS in real time
  • Implement and manage in real time your own filtering rules, reporting and alerts
  • Our SMS Control solution is compatible with otheranti-spam solutions.

SMS Fraud Detection tool

The SMS Fraud Detection tool completes our offer. It helps you to detect any intrusive SMS fraud on your network

  • Performs periodic audits of the SMS routes to identify any existing fraud, SIM Boxes or bypass on their network
  • Provides analysis and reporting that allows to apply the accurate actions


  • So as to create the SMS Control platform, the following technical requirements are needed:
    • Dedicated Global Title (GT)
    • Dedicated IMSI ranges (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)
  • Availability to ensure a consistent routing of the provided GT
  • Availability to implement a portability trigger (anti faking)


HPLMN: Home Public Land Mobile Network

MAP: Mobile Applications Part layer

MSISDN: Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number

SCCP: Signalling Connection Control Part

SMS MO: SMS Mobile Originated

SMS MT: SMS Mobile Terminated

VLR: Visited Location Register

Your benefits

Complete offer

Comprehensive and flexible suite for SMS Fraud protection & detection and for monetization

Cash Saving

  • Monthly fixed fee instead of CAPEX investment
  • Avoid loss of revenue because of a disruption to international SMS traffic
  • SMS inter-working cost from recipient networks

SMS Monetisation

  • Capture revenue from SMS A2P
  • Customized secured access to set up your own filtering rules according to your agreements

Improvement of your end users’ experience

  • Avoids MSISDN usurpation and prevent billing conflicts
  • Prevents unsolicited messages being received by end users

Turnkey service

  • With a simple takeover under Orange guidance, providing you with specific 3 days training
  • No need to develop your own platform nor equipment
  • Maintenance, provisioning and monitoring of the platform is under the responsibility of Orange
  • Totally integrated solution: the SMS Control service is integrated into the SS7 service (in terms of billing and contract)

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