Media Delivery Boost Dynamic

Leverage our whole CDN footprint with a strong commitment to availability and security. 

  • Deliver content to a global audience easily.

  • Accelerate content delivery to your end-users.

  • Real-time threat detection and mitigation with our cloud-based Web Application Firewall.

Media Delivery Boost Essential

Directly deliver content to our audience (over 120 million mobile customers) by leveraging our robust and secure CDN in Africa and the Middle East.

  • Start discussions with our affiliates about content delivery on our footprint.

  • Ensure optimal quality of experience when our users browse your content (fast-loading pages, smooth video streaming, high-quality profiles in media player).

  • Optimize your content delivery costs with an entry-level offer.

  • Ensure smooth load balancing between several CDNs with our multi-CDN management tool.


Tick_confirmation_19371 Up to 100Gbps

Your capacity needs are evolving continuously, and we a constantly upgrading our network to be ready to handle your needs. Orange provides scalable capacity from 155Mbps to 100Gbps (soon 200Gbps).

improve Dedicated Line

As IPL is a Layer 0/Layer 1 solution, you get full control over the bandwidth, which is used solely to cover your needs.

internet_browser_19371 Protection options

If your business needs are very stringent in terms of service availability, you can rely on 1+1 protection and leverage the diversity offered by our network.