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Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the industry resulting from our activities on both retail and wholesale markets.

Our dedicated teams on four continents serve 1,000 mobiles operators, international carriers, ISPs and content providers worldwide. You can rely on our seamless backbone network spanning 220 countries and benefit from 450 000 km of fibre optic cable.

With our R&D global strategy we are at the forefront of technological innovation.

Our solutions for you

Toll Free numbers & Cloud numbers are services that allow you to sell and buy differents types of numbers (IFS, UFS, DID) all over the world, in order to meet the needs of the corporate market. We provide you with a choice of over 70 destinations.


Toll free numbers

International Free phone Service (IFS)

Benefit from local numbers in each country where your company is present. Number where you decide to be. Then provide your callers with free contact numbers.

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Toll free numbers

Universal Free phone Service (UFS)

Choose an identical number format in all countries (+800xxxxxx). Then provide your callers with free contact numbers.

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Cloud numbers

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Opt for local numbers, or geographical numbers, format depending of countries. The caller will just pay just a local call.


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New additional voice business...

You can reach the corporate market segment where the revenue and the margin continue to increase.




Generating Extra Margin

Optimise the usage of those existing numbers which have not already been used, in order to create extra margin.




No Capex

Obtain net margin because no investment is required so Revenue = Margin.




Large Choice, High Quality & Security

Our phone numbers solution offers many destinations (70+) and ensures a high quality of service and security of network.




Easy to install

Our solution leverages on the network that is already in place.

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