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Simplify your network management with Orange

Orange has built a global digital ecosystem to help you manage your network needs.

Thanks to a combination of automation and digitization technologies, we can offer you a Best in Class experience on a connectivity platform.

This platform will support your evolving network needs and provide you with quick and easy access to the Orange global network.

Explore the connectivity solutions on our NaaS platform

We've adapted a full range of services to our connectivity platform, giving you the flexibility and simplicity of NaaS on our “award winning” voice and data services.


Connect globally with our scalable Ethernet Layer 2 service for data centers and private sites.


High-capacity Layer 1 connectivity with comprehensive terrestrial and submarine routes.

IP Transit

Global reach with our robust IP Transit service, ensuring high-performance internet connectivity.


Facilitate worldwide voice exchanges with our versatile geographic, mobile, and toll-free number solutions.

Maximize Efficiency with our Network as a Service (NaaS) Platform

Leverage Orange Wholesale International's NaaS solutions to transform your connectivity management, enhancing operational efficiency and agility with our user-friendly online platform.


24/7 Autonomy

Access our intuitive online portal anytime to manage your network needs.


Instant Quotes

Receive real-time technical assessments and firm quotes with ease.


Online Order

Accelerate order processes with instant Order form generation and sending upon online validation.


Instant Delivery

Scale your network services with instant delivery to match your dynamic requirements.


Agile Solutions

Opt for flexible contract terms, from long-term leases to commitment-free daily options.


Simplified Management

Manage services via our user-friendly interface for improved operational efficiency

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