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Discover eCare's Technical support feature, your reliable solution for resolving technical issues swiftly and accurately
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Our commitment

Comprehensive technical support solutions

Orange eCare Technical Support offers a robust and efficient online incident management system designed to help you resolve issues quickly.

With a detailed ticket history, our platform ensures that every problem is addressed promptly and effectively.

Features & Benefits

Empower your operations with essential features

Experience the benefits of our advanced technical support system with the following features:


Ticketing platform

Streamline incident resolution with our ticket creation tool, allowing customers to submit and track their tickets seamlessly.


Maintenance insights

Access complete insights into planned maintenance schedules, enhancing your overall service experience and minimizing disruptions.


Progress updates

Monitor trouble ticket progress and communicate effectively with regular email updates, ensuring efficient and timely resolutions


24/7 Assistance

Assistance at your fingertips

Our commitment to support extends beyond incident resolution. Access a wealth of resources and personalized assistance through the eCare portal:

  • Visit the "Need Help" section for prompt support
  • Consult our comprehensive FAQ for common queries
  • Contact us directly for personalized assistance at any time

Customer testimonial



Sascha AE
Regional Sales Manager MEA at Teways

“Support issues are dealt with by logging support tickets on the Orange Customer Portal and turnaround times are efficient, and well communicated. They take everything step-by-step to give their clients the best results and fix the issue timeously. We are also enjoying using Orange’s Customer portal to monitor our traffic, as well as support. And we are sure that the confidentiality of our data is respected.”

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