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Delivering more value per gigabyte with 400G

On 04-12-2023
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As the development of bandwidth-hungry applications such as cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence or multiplayer gaming keep increasing the stress on existing connectivity options, Orange Wholesale has unveiled its new, fully-tested and operational 400G offers. 

400G is a future-proof, sustainable technology bringing more operational flexibility, elasticity and scalability for customers with significant expected traffic growth, allowing greater capacity on each compatible router. 

Our IPT (IP transit) and IPL (International Private Line) 400G connectivity solutions provide added value per gigabyte for all our customers with important current traffic needs and a new experience with simpler, faster provisioning. 

These solutions take advantage of our 16-fiber pair and 400 Tbps link Dunant, but also of the Amitie transatlantic cable, and of our 400 dedicated IPT and IPL PoPs, powering 100 serviceable routes. Their benefits include: 

  • Greater elasticity and scalability for customers with significant expected traffic growth, 

  • Cross-connects cost optimization against 100G by 1:4 ratio, 

  • Energy consumption savings of 25% on optic modules, 

  • 75% lower patching & cabling costs, 

  • Faster installation testing and turn-up, 

  • Simplified troubleshooting.  

Concretely, our 400G IP Transit solution will cost €1.5K/year for a cross-connect in Paris, compared with €5.9K/year for two pairs of 100G IP transit lines, bringing power consumption down from 16W to 12W.   

A key point of our value proposition is that Orange Wholesale’s 400G links are fully tested and equipped, with all necessary software releases to deploy exclusive services. 400G customers also enjoy all the benefits of our IPL offer, including advanced security and high-end SLA guarantee on availability rate, Guaranteed Time-to-Restore (GTR), Lead-Time-to-Deliver (LTD) and latency. 

With this new connectivity option, Orange Wholesale demonstrates its commitment to bring more value to its customers and partners by bettering the latest technological innovations into actionable, secure and sustainable solutions. 

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