Orange Wholesale and e& Carrier unit have joined forces to boost IPX and 5G SA connectivity

On 01-07-2024
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This exciting initiative, undertaken in anticipation of 5G standalone Roaming arrival, is set to vastly enhance roaming experience, specifically in Middle East and Africa regions.

The biggest news yet is that Orange Wholesale, in collaboration with e& Carrier, have mutually upgraded their Middle East IPX network to accommodate the rapid growth of data roaming demand and provide a better roaming experience.

Hear from e&

Nabil Baccouche, Group Chief Carrier & Wholesale Officer, e& said, “This partnership with Orange Wholesale marks a turning point in the connectivity journey, harnessing the power of IPX and 5G SA to create a brand new era of growth opportunities. By joining our forces with industry leaders we empower our ecosystem globally to adopt cutting edge technologies, drive innovation and accelerate the exchange of data among various networks in a fully secured and efficient manner.”

Orange Wholesale celebrates collaboration

Emmanuel Rochas, CEO, Orange Wholesale International commented “Cooperation between Orange Wholesale and e& Carrier has been going back many years now. This new joint project brings to our global and regional customers the power of a combined IPX network with the benefits of major innovations related to 5G SA for improved customer experience".

This strategic move was performed in e&’s SmartHub IPX Data Centre, boosting roaming capacity by 10 times, thus enabling a larger number of regional MNOs to access low latency routes. International roamers can now enjoy a seamless ‘roam like home’ experience using Orange Wholesale premium, inter-Middle East routes, cutting out the high round trip delays passing through Europe legacy PoPs.

Moreover, being at the forefront of technological development, Orange Wholesale and e& Carrier are working hand in hand to perform a full 5G standalone roaming test between Orange and e& footprints, so stay tuned.

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