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Orange Wholesale introduces enhanced customer portal features

On 26-02-2024
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In today's fast-paced business environment, staying connected and informed about your services is crucial. Our customers benefit from a personalized space, designed to streamline communication with us. This system, seamlessly integrated into existing contracts, offers greater autonomy, opens up a large set of value-added services such as monitoring, reporting, opening complaint tickets and change management.

Customers benefit from downloadable invoice formats (PDF and CSV), providing all document history over the last 5 years. They can also ask billing-related questions or initiate a dispute directly from their personal digital space, therefore minimizing the likelihood of errors and ensuring a traceable and smoother experience.

A large set of additional new functionalities

Our eCare portal offers functionalities such as online ordering, monitoring, reporting change management or technical issues tickets opening. Customers can lodge queries in a personalized digital space with intuitive design for effortless navigation, ultimately making it simpler and faster to file and handle cases efficiently.

"With quicker access to services, streamlined tracking of current requests, instant notifications upon response, and the ability to review history of previous complaints, customers will have greater control and convenience"
Guillaume Petillat, Digital Customer Experience Director

API Ticketing for a smoother journey

We are also introducing the long-awaited ticketing API, currently in the deployment phase. This service allows customers to submit trouble tickets, track their status and check their history directly from their company interface.

For customers with multiple suppliers this facilitates the day-to-day activity of their internal teams. This is one of our first building block to providing other APIs and is another step towards offering telecommunications wholesale as a platform. A project that Orange Wholesale is committed to delivering.

Orange Wholesale's innovative invoice journey on the eCare portal exemplify a commitment to customer-centric digital transformation. By providing these services, Orange Wholesale ensures a secure and seamless customer experience.

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