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Webinar | Accelerate your connectivity: direct and ultra-fast connection from Marseille to the World

On 12-03-2024
Reading time : 10 minutes

As the access to Europe's Internet hubs is a major issue for operators, carriers, Cloud and OTTs players, providing a direct, secure, and ultra-fast connection is more important than ever. In this fast-moving landscape, the partnership between Orange Wholesale and Telehouse is a key asset to delivering the best-in-class connectivity.

Contributing to worldwide connectivity

Located in a highly strategic area, the Marseille Hub is the 5th largest in the world and the most comprehensive in Europe. This pivotal location provides dark fiber connectivity to neutral datacenters, landing station services as well as submarine cable deployment and maintenance. Sign of its important location, the area harbors the Orange Marine fleet of cable ships, which represents 15% of the world’s total.  

Orange Wholesale contributes to the development of the Marseille Hub as it serves the whole African continent, the Middle East and Asia. With turn-key solutions for all global telecom players, the Marseille hub, an ultra-high-speed fiber city ring, connects no less than 12 subsea cables and 8 major terrestrial links:

  • Europe with the FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris) through terrestrial network
  • America with the Dunant and AMITIE submarine cables
  • Africa with PEACE, 2Africa and Medusa
  • Asia with SEA-ME-WE 4, 5 and soon SEA-ME-WE 6

Save the date

Join the Webinar on March 2024 at 3pm CET : "Accelerate your connectivity: direct and ultra-fast connection from Marseille to the World”

During this unmissable digital event, you will hear about how the Marseille hub connects the world, the trustworthy relationship between Telehouse’s Data Centers, the Orange Wholesale’s network and the upcoming projects.

Topics to be addressed:

  • How Telehouse is at the center of the global data market with its presence in some of the world’s key connectivity hubs.
  • Telehouse’s broad connectivity ecosystem with direct connections to multiple cloud providers, broadcasters, media players and carriers such as Orange Wholesale.
  • Telehouse’s global development to help capitalize on terrestrial and subsea cable infrastructure, including the opening of a new data center in Paris
  • How Orange Wholesale provides robust infrastructure to reach Telehouse data centers in key markets and those in other parts of the world, with the company having a wide-reaching global network in regions including Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • Orange Wholesale is involved in multiple major subsea cable builds, including the transatlantic Dunant and Amitié cables and the 2Africa system. The 2Africa cable system, for instance, has a design capacity of up to 180Tbps and the recently launched Amitié a maximum capacity of 400Tbps. Orange also unveiled new 400G offers in December.
  • Orange Wholesale provides high-quality capacity to connect Telehouse data centres and cloud regions – making the two well-matched and with a wide footprint to offer resources to international customers.

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About the panelists:


Franck Morales
SVP Marketing & Business Development, Orange Wholesale International

Franck Morales oversees the development and management of the full product portfolio from building infrastructures, delivering Bandwidth and IP Services, as well as Voice, Messaging and Roaming Services.

Franck’s 38 years in the industry have centered on marketing Network Infrastructures and managing strategic industry partnerships, giving him extensive knowledge of the global telecom ecosystem. From 2013 to 2023, Franck worked within Orange Business in the B2B Division. His focus on product and strategic planning of both fixed and mobile technologies paved the way for his position of VP Evolution Platform over the last 2 years. The aim of this strategic program was to build the future orchestrated cloud-native infrastructure and to ensure the delivery of real business outcomes, with use cases like SASE, Cloud Connectivity, and Cloud Services.
Prior to this role, Franck led the connectivity portfolio and was instrumental in the company’s global transformation towards SD-WAN, orchestration and virtualization.

Franck is also a MEF Board Director and a frequent and requested speaker promoting Orange and the MEF at global industry conferences, including MEF Quarterly meetings, SD-WAN Summit and other industry partner events.


Younes Stouky
Head of Product Marketing, Orange Wholesale International

Younès Stouky has an engineering background having obtained a degree from Supelec in 2006. He joined the Marketing team at Orange Wholesale in 2020 as Product Manager for IPL services (point-to-point international connectivity product for Layer 1). He streamlined the portfolio to improve the Customer journey from presales to delivery and operational phase. In particular, focusing on the QoS offered and delivered to Orange customers which is key in order to grow for IPL sales.

Last year, Younès was appointed Head of Marketing Bandwidth Products and aims, with his team, to bring new routes to the market in order to offer more diversity, scalability and better performances to Orange customers.
Before joining Orange, Younès held several positions in Alcatel-Lucent in the APAC presales team managing mobile access network business and was based in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. In 2015, he joined the Paris Advanced Mobile Networks Solutions product line for Nokia.


Sami Slim
Managing Director, Telehouse France 

As an engineering graduate of Telecom Sud Paris and the University of Michigan, Sami Slim joined Telehouse in 2010 as a technical sales engineer. For 3 years, he was at the heart of Telehouse's data center and connectivity growth in France, before joining Telehouse Europe's Strategy department.

In 2014, he took charge of the sales department before being appointed Managing Director of Telehouse France in 2022. In this role, his mission is to accelerate Telehouse's growth, helping the group's customers and prospects improve their interconnection capabilities. Sami brings to Telehouse his passion for a free, neutral, and open Internet.


Jack Haddon
Senior Reporter Capacity Media

Capacity Media is the premier and most trusted source of information and networking for those #KeepingTheWorldConnected, made up of the global connectivity and digital infrastructure communities.


Orange Wholesale International: A world-class player

At Orange Wholesale International, we do everything in our power to guarantee people and organizations enjoy a more autonomous, secure digital life. We strive to ensure that digital services are well thought-out and implemented in a caring, inclusive and sustainable way across all areas of our business. Orange Wholesale International offers a network of global connectivity via 40 submarine cables, stretching 450,000km and an extensive system of PoPs and terrestrial links. And, in a fast-moving telecoms environment, Orange continues to be actively involved in the deployment of smart connectivity.

Telehouse: Leader in strategically locating data centers

With a dense interconnection network, Telehouse data centers serve as vital hubs, connecting clients to a diverse range of carriers, ISPs, internet exchanges, cloud service providers, and fellow data center operators. Beyond serving as a data center, Telehouse has established itself as a global connectivity hub, facilitating international business operations and positioning clients at the core of a dynamic network driving the digital future.

One of Telehouse's groundbreaking initiatives is the TH3 Paris Magny Campus, an innovative and hyperconnected data center poised to shape the future. Positioned as a key supporter of French and European digital sovereignty, this site is designed with scalability, high-level security, and a vast 12,000 m2 IT surface. Operating at 18 megawatts, it achieves an exceptional 99.999% service availability, strategically located just 30 minutes from central Paris.

This data center not only prioritizes technological excellence but also demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, achieving remarkable energy efficiency with a PUE of less than 1.3. With a 100% renewable power supply and a near-zero Carbon Usage Efficiency, Telehouse sets a benchmark for energy efficiency and corporate social responsibility.


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