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A trusted CDN network

On 20-11-2023
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In anticipation of the exponential growth of digital content, Orange Wholesale has adopted an ambitious development strategy to strengthen its international presence. With over 200 CDN PoPs backed by an unparalleled global network we now offer OTTs, content platforms, streamers, and the public sector a superior journey.  

A better customer experience and ultra- low latency

By deploying CDNs in strategic locations worldwide, Orange Wholesale aims to deliver content to end-users faster and more efficiently than any other operator, regardless of their geographical location. According to François Collobert, CDN Content Manager at Orange Wholesale, “owning our networks and backbone leads to a better customer experience with faster load times, smoother video streaming and reduced buffering.” He adds that “because it is embedded in our network backbone, our PoP footprint provides an unparalleled service with very low latency.” This is clearly a unique advantage that no other world-class operator can offer.

A cutting-edge solution to meet customer needs

The newly rebranded Content Delivery Boost solution has a unique feature: it increases redundancy and reliability by using multiple server locations. If one server or location fails, the CDN can automatically reroute requests to another available location, ensuring uninterrupted access to content. Orange Wholesale’s new trusted CDN offer also ensures business continuity and minimizes the impact of any network disruptions or outages. This ability to manage content end-to-end makes this solution secure and reliable “by design.

Always with an eye on cost optimization

The unique architecture of this CDN solution is based on the use of local servers that are closer to end-users, which saves on bandwidth costs associated with long-distance data transfers. This decisive advantage, combined with very low latencies, provides a first-class and affordable service. Daniel Négru, CEO of QUANTEEC, says that “the bandwidth and capacity required on the original video servers delivering the content have been divided by 4,” adding that “this could mean significant savings for QUANTEEC’s customers or any video content provider, allowing them to generate more traffic without investing in additional network and hardware capacity.” He concludes by saying that “since using Orange’s CDN solution, our customers have noticed that the start-up time is at least 2 times faster than before.

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