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IX Telecom diversifies and improves its data connections through IP Transit

Malaysia-based global SD-WAN and managed internet provider IX Telecom supplies network services in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. As a “One-Stop-Shop”, IX offers a comprehensive suite of SD-WAN, internet connectivity, and managed services. IX Telecom’s customer promise is to provide a seamless and innovative communication experience. The company has been growing rapidly in the past year and is recognized for its commitment and quality of service.

Diversification of upstream providers

With an increasing number of customers, IX Telecom needed to upgrade its IP services through good routing. With this objective in mind and the desire to provide a quality service to its customers, IX Telecom selected our IP Transit solution.

IX Telecom’s Account Director Mark Fernan mentions: “There was a critical need to diversify our upstream providers. We knew that Orange’s IP service provides one of the best routings so we selected their solution. We aim to level up our transit through this diversification, and at the same time, prepare for the restoration of the economy”.

Efficient and rapid service delivery

Furthermore, Orange International Carrier’s delivery of the service was fast and efficient. Mark adds: “Delivery of this transit was fast and within the set timeline. We received stellar service from the Orange coordination team. The value delivered by Orange wholesale is top-notch. I believe that is what distinguishes them from regional competitors”.

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