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A trusted partner for SMS services such as one-time-passwords, service activations, banking updates, flights alert, notifications and marketing campaigns

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In brief

Our A2P SMS solution provides companies with reliable, direct and secure channels to reach their end-users, with monetization and network protection solutions for mobile operators.


Hubbing Model

Our A2P SMS offer provides a single connection for A2P SMS traffic between brands or aggregators and mobile operators. You have a single point of entry to access our entire footprint with a 360° view of prices and open routes.
Benefit from a direct quality and hop+1 destinations on a pay-per-delivered SMS basis.


A2P SMS hub, quick access worldwide

With A2P SMS, brands, aggregators and mobile network operators are instantly connected to each other.
Brands can reach their respective customers all over our footprint. With a single connection to our platform, enterprises can reach hundreds of networks worldwide. 
With a single connection to our hub, MNOs can also receive SMS from many brands in all kinds of industries (banking, transportation, OTT, etc.).


Save money

In partnership with your traffic manager, you find the routes meeting your price and quality requirements

Manage with ease

Your service manager provides you with reports and SLA analyses on a monthly basis

Increase your coverage

You get access to our entire direct and indirect footprint through a single gateway


Essential Dynamic Intense
For Partner - Sender or receiver connection
Traffic & QoS online
Orange Footprint
Peering Connection
Trading & Routing


  • Simple one-way access

    A simple sender or receiver connection: this allows the customer to either access to our footprint to send some A2P SMS volumes, or to receive A2P SMS volumes, based on Partner’s catalogue.

    We will be able to adapt and customize the services provided to the customer, for example through A2P traffic reports adapted to the needs.


  • A complete peering connection

    A complete sender and receiver offer reduced to the core of A2P SMS services and dedicated to industrialized Partners.


  • Traffic management

    Benefit from an extended A2P SMS offer. 
    Our traffic manager adapts routing and pricing to our Partners' requirements. We offer you a tailor-made solution and personalize the services provided to the customer, for example through customizable A2P traffic reports.

Our customers' testimonials

Khaeher Yerliaxer
International Business Manager of Lao Telecom

“The reach of Orange Wholesale International in Europe and moreover globally, strengthens the value of their A2P SMS solution. The big hub that they have helps our business develop through quick access worldwide. Additionally, there are no grey routes, thus delivering quality service to our customers.” 

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Arnaud Lecoeur
CEO and co-founder of Airmob

“We chose to partner with Orange Wholesale International because we believe in the company’s reliability and the overall quality of service of the Orange network. We are certain these are qualities that our business customers will appreciate. Also having Orange as a one-stop shop for all of our mobile needs makes the operational day-to-day management much more efficient for us.”

Shady Aziz
Head of the Mobile Advertising Business Unit at Arpuplus

“Our SMS clients are enterprises, not aggregators. We care about them, and we aim to deliver the best quality of service. That’s why we prefer working with direct routes. The A2P SMS solution provided by Orange is both stable and official, there are no grey routes. And that makes a huge difference to the quality of services we deliver and consequently to the satisfaction of our customers.”

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