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Multimedia messages exchanges among mobile operators, in a simple and flexible way

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In brief

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a store-and-forward messaging service that allows mobile subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers. MMS supports the transmission of additional media types such as images, audio and video.

Hubbing model

Currently, lengthy and costly bilateral agreements are required to allow operators to exchange messages. Our MMS InterWorking offer relies on the GSMA hubbing concept. A single connection to one hub enables you to reach all the other networks connected to that hub.


Our solution

MMS Global eXchange offers international MMS Interworking services.

The MMS Global eXchange platform enables multimedia messages exchanges among mobile operators, in a simple and flexible way.

Your benefits

Turnkey service

We offer you a turnkey service to exchange MMS. You can thus focus on delivering added value to your customers. A wide range of destinations provides worldwide connectivity.

Customer care

Our support center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides you with a high quality network management.

Transparent billing

Our MMS Global eXchange pricing is based on the GSMA’s Open Connectivity recommendations, which include transparency and cascade billing.

MMS coordinators

With a dedicated team managing route opening, this interface enables a faster and easier opening process.

Complete set of services

  • Value added technical services: reporting, control, filtering and more
  • Hubconnect web tool: An advanced user-friendly web tool for destination selection to ensure fast and easy implementation of MMS partnerships. You can access our online destination catalogue, make requests to open new partnerships, respond to a new request for connection, negotiate billing policies, monitor and view the status of your transaction, and contact our MMS Global eXchange team.
  • MMS Virtual Delivery: enlarge the existing MMS Global eXchange footprint by adding 480 virtual delivery destinations. Maximize your revenues with this free option and increase your customer's satisfaction by granting the MMS successful delivery

Security mechanisms

  • Anti spoofing: this mechanism aims at making sure that mobile operators do not use another operator's identity to send traffic on their behalf.
  • Anti spamming: the anti-spam functionality will prevent end users from receiving huge quantities of MMS from either authorized or unauthorized parties.
  • Volume control: incoming message flows can be tuned or blocked depending on content, number or origin of messages.

Our offer provides:

International MMS, towards nearly 300 destinations, directly or indirectly via other MMS hubs

Interconnection with any new operator and running the necessary end-to-end testing

The management of partnership agreements with a dedicated MMS coordination team. For best in class QoSlevels, this service is also available in our Multiservice IP eXchange offer

A very high service availability with associated SLAs

Forwarding each MMS towards the right destination

Traffic reporting

An advanced web tool for destination election (Hubconnect)

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