Exchange of SMS between mobile operators in a simple and flexible way

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P2P SMS Schéma

In brief

Short Messaging Service (SMS) keeps growing and mobile operators need to rapidly extend their coverage. SMS Global eXchange allows sending and receiving SMS from one network to another.

Hubbing model

Our SMS Global eXchange offers is based on the GSMA hubbing concept. A single connection to one hub enables you to reach all the other networks connected to that hub.


Our SMS Global eXchange offers SMS interworking services. The SMS Global eXchange platform enables the exchange of SMS between mobile operators in a simple and flexible way and provides you with:

  • International SMS to all destinations connected to the our SMS hub
  • Interconnection with any new operator and running end-to-end testing
  • Pay-per-use business model (no monthly fees, no additional costs)
  • 99.5% availability with associated SLAs
  • Detailed traffic reporting
  • Updated catalogue of destinations

The SMS hub platform allows centralized operations and maintenance. As an active member of GSMA, is recognized worldwide for our SS7 expertise.

Your benefits

Turnkey service

Exchange your SMS through one single contract, so that you can better focus on your core business

Immediate and comprehensive coverage

Access to extensive Orange members footprint, as well as to all the external customers connected to the platform

High quality of service

We guarantee high SLAs of 99.5% on platform availability, with reliable SMS delivery reports and customer support.

Detailed reporting

Advanced user-friendly web tool Hubconnect provides you with information from other networks. Destination catalogue is regularly updated. Invoices are available through eCare. Detailed reporting, detailed billing and QOS reports are also available.

Dedicated coordination team

SMS coordinator is fully dedicated to the route opening management, thus easing and speeding up the opening process.

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